Calming, Lenitive, Anti-Redness & Anti-Stress Oil

Calming, Lenitive & Anti-Stress Oil
30 ml – Ref. 206V

A completely natural blend of pure precious oils that comforts and reinforces the skin. It is an intensely decongestant, soothing, purifying, and emollient product that brings immediate relief by easing the tension of the epidermis. Rich in jojoba, tea tree, olive, and wheat germ oils, BIOREGENE Soothing Oil PV  is ideal for the treatment of dry and delicate skin. It is especially recommended in case of couperose or redness and discomfort associated with minor sunburns.


  • Decongestant, anti-redness, and antiseptic action
  • Intense emollient action for a beautifully soft, supple, and elastic skin
  • Stimulates the production of new collagen fibers to retard the formation of wrinkles
  • Rich in nutrients to enhance the skin’s metabolism and natural defenses


BIOREGENE Soothing Oil PV  is a highly versatile product. Its soothing effect is immediate and very impressive. It can be applied whenever the skin feels sensitive, irritated, or congested (acne, couperose, etc.).

In the morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing the face, neck, and décolleté, apply BIOREGENE Soothing Oil PV  on perfectly dry skin with a light massage.


For dry and delicate skin, especially in cases of couperose.

Very beneficial for the treatment of acne and impure skin.


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