Hydrating & Anti-Puffiness Lotion for Dry and Delicate Skin

Hydrating and Anti-Puffiness Lotion for Dry and Delicate Skin
200 ml – Ref. 209V

A hydrating tonic rich in phyto extracts, moisturizing factors, vitamins, and amino acids for normal , dry, and delicate skin. It is the ideal companion for BIOREGENE Lait  for a thorough cleansing program.

BIOREGENE Lotion  tones the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté by removing residual impurities and optimizing the hydration and the acidity of the epidermis —delivering a perfect 5.5 pH level —for maximum integrity against free radicals and other oxidants. It also serves as an excellent decongestant and soothing product in the treatment of couperose and rough, dry skin.


  • Alcohol- and colorant-free lotion with hydrating and toning action
  • Rich in vitamins and amino acids to facilitate the skin’s regenerative processes and oxygenation
  • Normalizes the hydration level of the skin
  • Tones the skin and clarifies the complexion
  • Restores the skin’s optimal pH level and defends it against free radicals
  • Astringent action to make the skin smooth and supple


BIOREGENE Lotion  is used after BIOREGENE Lait. The combination of the two products provides a complete cleansing program for home and professional treatment.


For normal, dry, and delicate skin to protect and restore the optimal pH level.


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