BIOREGENE Multivitamin Cleansing Lait for Very Dry, Dry, and Delicate Skins

Bioregene multivitamin milk for drz skin

Multivitaminic Cleansing Milk for Dry, Very Dry, and Delicate Skins
200 ml – Ref. 208V

A gentle purifying milk ideal for dry, very dry, and delicate skins that refreshes and perks up the epidermis. Rich in natural extracts, vitamins, minerals, and moisturizing factors, BIOREGENE Lait  is an exceptional cleanser that serves both as a makeup remover and as a very high-quality skin conditioner.


  • Deep cleansing action to remove dead cells, dirt, and makeup
  • Purifying, soothing, and refreshing effect
  • Skin conditioning and restorative action
  • Emollient action to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • Antioxidant action


BIOREGENE Lait  is an essential product for routine hygiene and maintenance of skin. It should be used to thoroughly cleanse and prepare the skin prior to the application of any other CHOLLEY product.


For dry, very dry, and delicate skins.


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