SINUSTON Breast Enhancement Cream | Breast Firming Cream

Shaping & Firming Cream for Breasts
50 ml – Ref. 312V

SINUSTON Crème pour le Seins has been specifically formulated for firming, hydration, and toning of breasts. It is a highly refined breast enhancement cream with a lavish texture and a delicate perfume that is rich in hydrating factors, selected phyto-extracts, precursors of collagen fibers, and vitamins to reinforce the tissues for greater support and elasticity.


  • Astringent action for a tighter, more compact skin to prevent “sagging of breasts”
  • Antioxidant action to inhibit the damage caused by free radical
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration for greater support and firmness
  • Profound hydrating and emollient action to increase skin’s elasticity and to prevent stretch marks


SINUSTON Crème pour les Seins is a firming, hydrating, and emollient product for breasts that can be used by women of all ages. It is particularly beneficial in preventing relaxation of breasts (ptosis) as the result of: aging, menopause, pregnancy and breast-feeding. It is also very effective in preventing stretch marks caused by a significant weight loss, or the end of a lactation period.


The skin covering the breasts is slightly different from that of the rest of the body. Its adipose (fat) tissue is particularly well developed and it serves as a padding to protect the mammary glands. The connective tissue is thin but strong to ensures good support, firmness, and elasticity. The epidermis is thin, fragile and very sensitive.

A major problem for many women is “sagging of breasts” or ptosis, which is relaxation of support fibers caused by:

  • shrinkage or enlargement of adipose tissue due to dieting or obesity
  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • menopause and hormonal fluctuations

These states are generally accompanied by formation of stretch marks.

SINUSTON Crème pour les Seins works superbly for both professional and home use. Thanks to its regenerating action and antioxidant properties, the cream delivers visible and impressive results, which make it one of the best breast firming creams. SINUSTON Crème pour les Seins is totally free from hormones. Its long term use has proven completely safe and without any undesired side effects.


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