BIOFORCE Anti-Aging and Firming Cream for Normal and Dry Male Skin

Anti-Aging and Firming Cream
50 ml – Ref. 812V

An outstanding protective and anti-aging product that helps maintain the structural integrity of the skin.

BIOFORCE Crème Raffermissante  can be used essentially on all skin types, but is particularly beneficial against wrinkles, lines, and double chins. Another major benefit of this luxurious cream is its elegant matt base that blends perfectly with all skin tones and eliminates undesirable shine — due to excess of oil— for a handsome and confident look.


  • Regulates the normal growth, keratinization, and nutrition of the skin
  • Helps, treats, and repairs sun-caused damages
  • Prevents hard, dry, flaking, and irregularly pigmented skin
  • Inhibits the oxidative damage of free radicals and UV radiation
  • Firms the face contour area and sagging around the chin


In  the morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing the skin with BIOFORCE Detoxifying and Purifying Emulsion, apply BIOFORCE Crème Raffermissante  on the face, chin, and neck, with a light massage.

To maximize the firming and anti-aging results, prior to the application of the cream, use BIOFORCE Lifting Gel.


For normal and dry male skin.


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