Professional Mask with high Concentration of AHA against Dark Spots

BIOCLEAN Professional AHA Mask is an intensely exfoliating, brightening, & hydrating face mask. It has a 10% concentration of alpha- and poly-hydroxy acids including: glycolic acid, lactic acid, gluconolactone, malic acid, and citric acid.

With a low pH of slightly over 3, it delivers a powerful exfoliating / regenerating action that:

  • Eliminates encrustations of dead cells and impurities
  • Perks up the skin by boosting its capillary circulation and oxygenation
  • Gives the skin a bright, uniform, and well-hydrated look

Professional Mask with High Concentration of AHA against Dark Spots
150 ml – Ref. 234K

  • Exfoliating, harmonizing and astringent action for a bright compact epidermis with tightened pores
  • Hydrating and emollient action for greater softness, firmness, and elasticity
  • Soothing purifying action

BIOCLEAN Professional AHA Mask is an ideal mask for skins that appear tired, poorly oxygenated, or uneven. It is excellent for oily or mixed skins with dilated pores or a coarse opaque appearance due to buildup of dead cell.

For oily or mixed skins.

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