Mutivitaminic Cleansing Sebo-Balance Milk for Mixed, Impure & Oily Skin

Cleansing Sebo-Balance Milk for Mixed, Impure, and Oily Skin
200 ml – Ref. 215V

A perfectly balanced purifying and cleansing milk for mixed, oily and impure skin. It penetrates deep into the epidermis to remove oil, dirt, and other impurities, without drying the skin, to avoid the stimulation of the sebaceous glands. BIOCLEAN® Lait  purifies, eliminates excess sebum, and normalizes the epidermis. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, and other sebum-normalizing agents, it leaves the skin looking healthy and matte.


  • Perfectly balanced cleansing action without aggressive detergents to avoid the stimulation of the sebaceous glands
  • Purifying, astringent, soothing action to calm irritations or redness and to tighten dilated pores
  • Sebum-normalizing and skin conditioning action
  • Emollient and hydrating action to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • Antioxidant action


In the morning and evening, apply BIOCLEAN Lait on the face, neck, and décolleté. Massage delicately with the fingertips in circular motion to accelerate penetration. Rinse off with lukewarm water using cotton disks. After tap-drying the skin with a soft towel, tone with BIOCLEAN Lotion.


For mixed, impure, and oily skin.


  • Superior cleanser for oily & impure skin
  • Perfectly balanced – removes impurities without drying the skin
  • Avoids stimulation of sebaceous glands
  • Purifies and perks up the skin
  • Excellent cleanser for dull / tired-looking skin
  • Defends the skin in polluted urban areas
  • Ideal for controlling excess shine, especially in the T-zone
  • For skin that is:
    • Too oily
    • Affected by impurities
  • Rich in antioxidant vitamins, moisturizers, and skin conditioners
  • Natural purifying extracts of:
    • Witch hazel
    • Chamomile
    • Indian chestnut
    • Lavender
  • Indispensable for oily skin affected by blackheads & acne
  • Profoundly purifies & improves skin’s natural defenses




  • Use in the morning & at night
  • Face, neck, & décolleté
  • Complete the cleansing process with BIOCLEAN® Lotion


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