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“Facial Acne Recognition with Artificial Intelligence” Joint Study: CHOLLEY & SUPSI Swiss University

A New Study on the Analysis of Facial Acne using Artificial Intelligence (AI) conducted in 2021 by CHOLLEY Swiss Company with decades of experience in the research & production of skin care products, in collaboration with the Department of Innovative Tehnologies of Supsi Swiss University &…

“101 Successful Women in Ticino, Switzerland “

Mme Cholley Paydar Bavandpour, President of CHOLLEY SA, has been featured in the pubblication ‘101 Successful Women in Ticino’ Book in 2022. Click here to read the full interview The yearning for independence behind the choice to become a female entrepreneur. Can you tell us your…

CHOLLEY HISTORY Chapter 1: Dr. Jules Louis Masset De Vallefort

Who is Dr. Jules Louis Masset de Vallefort and why is he so important for CHOLLEY and Phytocosmetics? He was born in 1915 in Switzerland and studied pharmacology at the University of Geneva where he received his doctorate in 1944. Dr. Masset devoted his professional career to building a great…


Launching of CHOLLEY with Professional Cosmetologists & Celebrities in Seol, SOUTH KOREA

CHOLLEY HISTORY Chapter 2: CHOLLEY’s foundation in 1989

CHOLLEY was founded in 1989 by Dante Morresi and Cholley Paydar Bavandpour. Its mission was to produce top quality professional phytocosmetics base on a traditional 100% natural Persian traditions. Originating in the Zagros Mountains these extraordinary herbs were selected and cultivated by…

CHOLLEY HISTORY Chapter 3: Swiss PhytoCosmetics

Since its foundation CHOLLEY has always  been focused on PhytoCosmetics. But what exactly they are? In very general terms phytobiocosmetics are cosmetic products whose principal active ingredients are derived from plants as opposed to being produced synthetically. Phytobiocosmetics owe a…

We share the grief of the City of Lugano

We share the grief of the City of Lugano for the death of the Mayor Marco Borradori. We will remember him not only as a brilliant leader manager, but also a great and charismatic leader whose tireless efforts in will bear great results for the City of Lugano and the Canton Ticino for many years to…

Lugano Hangzhou Online Talk – 8th of July 2021 SAVE THE DATE

2020 has been particularly difficult for international tourism due to the pandemic travel restrictions, but experts say there is reason to hope for the industry returning to normal gradually while the world is making progress with the help of the roll-out of vaccines. According to the 2021…

Swiss Anti-Glycation System – CHOLLEY’s Best Anti-Aging Defense

See the full Video of our 4th ON LINE Seminar Swiss Anti-Glycation System on our Instagram cholley.suisse!

Swiss Skin Repair Program – 3rd ON LINE WEBINAR

See the full Video of our 3rd ON LINE Seminar Swiss Skin Repair & Beauty Cosmetics Program on our Instagram cholley.suisse!

Video of the 2nd ON LINE Seminar – BIOCLEAN Professional Program

See the full Video of the 2nd ON LINE Seminar of BIOCLEAN Professional Program on our Instagram cholley.suisse!

Video of the 1nd ON LINE Seminar – CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL Collection

See the full Video of our 1st ON LINE Seminar of CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL Super Premium Products on our Instagram cholley.suisse!

CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary Contest Winners!

Here we are with the announcement of the winner of the #WHYCHOLLEY contest!  Thanks to all those who participated, wishing us 30 years and conveying the importance of CHOLLEY in their lives! From our distributors to individual customers, Thank you all!    1st Place goes to…

CHOLLEY 30 Years Anniversary Contest Highlights

We have received hundreds of photo and video material from our customer all over the world explaining #WHYCHOLLEY is so special! Thank you so much to all who participated! The winners will be announced next week! Enjoy an highlights video of the Contest!

#CHOLLEYHistory Chapter 7: IC-Ramp and 25th Anniversary!

In 2011 CHOLLEY introduced many new features for our costumers. In 2011 CHOLLEY launched IC-RAMP® Technology, the forefront of research and development of stem cells phyto dermocosmetics in Switzerland. IC-RAMP® stands for Inter-Cellular Regenerative, Relay,…

CHOLLEY December 2019 Newsletter

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#CHOLLEYHistory Chapter 6: The growth of the 2000s

In the early 2000s CHOLLEY continued its growth in Europe, Middle East and Asia, becoming a point of reference for 100% Swiss Made Phyto DermoCosmetics worldwide. We started with exclusive distributors in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Belarus, Slovenia, Spain, Korea and Japan.Since 2007…

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2019

Here are the photos of our stand at the 2019 cosmoprof in Hong Kong.

#CHOLLEYHistory Chapter 5: From 1995 to 2000

Since the second half of the 1990s, CHOLLEY's Swiss excellence and innovative skincare started to attract the attention of some countries around the world. The first experiences far from Switzerland and Italy were those in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

CHOLLEY November 2019 Newsletter

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METHODE CHOLLEY is a bridge that links the ancient art of the beauty with the modern life science of cosmetics. While its origins are based in natural therapies of Asia and Europe, it benefits from the latest scientific research and innovation in Switzerland. Using a balanced system of…

VIDEO of CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary Gala Night – 11 October 2019

CHOLLEY International Seminar

We spent great time with our customers in Suitenhotel Parco Paradiso in Lugano for our International Seminar.

CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary

Special Gala Night for CHOLLEY’S 30th Anniversary in Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola and Restaurant Arté in Lugano.

2nd Swiss Anti-Aging and Healthcare Symposium

2nd Swiss Aging & Healthcare Symposium organized by the city of Lugano at the LAC.

CHOLLEY Anniversary Moscow

Special Gala Night for CHOLLEY’S 30th Anniversary with journalists, bloggers, VIP clients, celebrities & cosmetics professionals in Turandot Palace Maison Dellos in Moscow.

CHOLLEY Press Conference in Moscow

Russia - 19th March 2019 Interviews of Cholley Paydar Bavandpour with Russian journalists, bloggers and Fashion TV.        WORLD FASHION CHANNEL               «Российской газеты»            Posta MAGAZINE …

Beauty Trade Special 2019 with 247 Cosmetics in Utrecht

Netherlands - 6-8th April 2019 BEAUTY TRADE SPECIAL 2019 presented by 247 Cosmetics in Utrecht.


Davos, Switzerland - 22th January 2019 Cholley Paydar Bavandpour @ theWORLD ECONOMY FORUM 2019 - Culture, Design and Fashion in the Greater Caspian Region.Davos  

CHOLLEY InfoSeminar in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland - 28th January 2019 Presentation of the Latest CHOLLEY Products & Treatments Davos  

CHOLLEY Exposition @ The Casino Autumn Festival in Bucharest

Bucharest - September 2018 The Casino Autumn Festival S.C. ECO LINE INTERMED Exposition of CHOLLEY Brand  

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2018 – Swiss Pavillon, Stand No. 1E-N3D

Come visit us from 14TH to 16TH November ! For more information and pre-registration: Cosmoprof-asia

Launching of CHOLLEY with Oriental Beauty Group in Fujian, China

Fujian - September 2018 Fujian Beauty Health Expo Oriental Beauty Group Launching of CHOLLEY Brand

CHOLLEY Seminar for Dermatologists in Lugano

CHOLLEY Seminar for Ukrainian Dermatologists in Lugano, Switzerland.

CHOLLEY & The 20th Anniversary of ORIENTAL BEAUTY

CHOLLEY & The 20th Anniversary of ORIENTAL BEAUTY in China.

The First CHOLLEY Technical Seminar in Kuwait

The First CHOLLEY Technical Seminar in Kuwait with Mr. Rick Paydar, COO of CHOLLEY SA.

CHOLLEY @ the Export Day 2018 in Lugano

Highlights of "Swiss Made" Ambassadors - CHOLLEY at the Export Day 2018 organized by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Special Interviews with CHOLLEY on Swiss Television about our Swiss Made Brand.

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof BOLOGNA 2018 – Pavillon 19PC, Booth D1

CHOLLEY @ Pavillon 19PC – Booth D1 Come visit us from 15TH to 18TH March ! For more information: www.cosmoprof.com

Special Gala Night 2017 – 21st of October

21st of October 2017 Lugano

International CHOLLEY Seminar 2017 – 21st of October

21st of October 2017 Lugano

Swiss Anti-Aging and Healthcare Symposium – 20th October 2017

20th of October 2017 LAC, Lugano - Swiss Anti-aging and Healthcare Symposium Official Invitation (PDF) - City of Lugano Press Release - (PDF - Italian) - CHOLLEY SA Press Release - (PDF - Italian)

Video of CHOLLEY Events October 2017

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CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH SYSTEM Your Best Anti-Aging Defense Against Glycation and AGEs

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Seminar in Swiss Institute of Regenerative Medicine (SIRM)

CHOLLEY International Distributors visit to Swiss Institute of Regenerative Medicine (SIRM). CHOLLEY is working closely with SIRM on new developments of Swiss Stem Cells Technologies for cosmetics industry.

Swiss Aging and Healthcare: The City of Lugano and CHOLLEY SA promote Swiss Life Sciences

On the 20th of October 2017 the first international Swiss Aging and Healthcare Symposium was held at the LAC Art and Cultural Center of Lugano. Nearly two hundred Wellness and Healthcare specialists from a dozen countries were invited by the City of Lugano and CHOLLEY SA to attend this very…

CHOLLEY Seminar with Distributor in Tokyo, JAPAN

CHOLLEY International Seminar and Demonstration of New Professional Treatments in Tokyo, Japan - June 2017 Special Japanese Dinner with the CHOLLEY clients in Tokyo.

CHOLLEY in Luxurious Hotels & SPAs in Locarno, SWITZERLAND

CHOLLEY in Luxurius H+ Hotel & Spa Group in Locarno, Switzerland - July 2017

CHOLLEY Seminar with Distributor in Shanghai, CHINA

CHOLLEY Seminar and Demonstration of New Professional Treatments in Shanghai, CHINA - June 2017 Mme Cholley Paydar BavandPour, President of CHOLLEY SA, and Mr. Luke Yu, the distributor of CHOLLEY in China, during the Seminar. Special CHOLLEY Night with VIP clients in…


KEY BUSINESS SECTORS IN SWITZERLAND organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Canton Ticino & the Iran-Swiss Chamber of Commerce  1st of May 2017, Tehran Mr. Rick Paydar BavandPour, Technical Director of CHOLLEY SA, conducted the presentation at the conference about Swiss Life Science…

CHOLLEY with Maison-Dellos in Astana, KAZAKHSTAN

CHOLLEY with Maison-Dellos in Luxury Spa in Astana, Kazakhstan.

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2016 in HONG KONG

We would like to thank you all customers and visitors who made our experience in Cosmoprof Asia 2016 so successful! Hong Kong, November 2016

CHOLLEY @ Special Lugano Day in Shanghai & Beijing, CHINA

THE LUGANO DAY - 16th of October 2016 Zhenjiang, Shanghai Mr. Rick Paydar BavandPour, Technical Director of CHOLLEY SA, with the delegation of the City of Lugano headed by Hon. Marco Borradori - the Mayor of the City of Lugano, during the presentation at SSZEIP of the leading edge…

CHOLLEY with Maison-Dellos in Moscow, RUSSIA

Interview of Mme Cholley Paydar BavandPour with Russian ALLURE Magazine (link)  CHOLLEY in Luxurious Sense Gallery & Vella Dolores Spas.

Interview for “Oltre i Limiti” on Swiss Television

Special Interview with CHOLLEY on Swiss TeleTicino Television about the importance of relationships in business. “Le lingue possono essere diverse, i mercati possono essere vasti e complessi, ma in fondo sono le singole persone che fanno la differenza e possono decidere l’esito di un…

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2016 – Swiss Pavillon, 1E-N3A

CHOLLEY @ Swiss Pavillon - Booth 1E-N3A Come visit us from 16TH to 18TH November ! For info: Cosmoprof-asia

Special CHOLLEY Seminars in Romania

Special CHOLLEY Seminars with Exclusive Beauticians in Romania.

CHOLLEY in Luxury SPA in Czech Republic

CHOLLEY in Luxury SPA in Hotel Quisiana Palace in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

“Made in Switzerland” Interview in Swiss Television

Special Interview with CHOLLEY in Swiss Television about the protection of the "Made in Switzerland" in Swiss Cosmetic industry. (Look at a part of the Interview).

5th Anniversary of CHOLLEY partner in Ukraine

Special Event for the Celebration of  the 5th Anniversary of CHOLLEY partner in Kiev.


Special CHOLLEY Event in “JC CLINIC”, one of the most luxurious Clinic with CHOLLEY in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - December, 2015.  

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2015 in HONG KONG

We would like to thank you all customers and visitors who made our experience in Cosmoprof Asia 2015 so successful! – Hong Kong, November 2015

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2015 – Swiss Pavillon, 1E-N3A

Swiss Pavillon - Booth 1E-N3A Come visit us from 11th to 13th November 2015 !!

Opening of the Beauty Embassy Boutique in RUSSIA

Opening of Luxury Beauty Embassy Boutique in Moscow, Russia with CHOLLEY - October, 2015


Opening 'THE VIEW OF LUGANO', the most luxury Hotel&Spa with CHOLLEY in Lugano, Switzerland. - September, 2015

CHOLLEY important testimonial to EXPO 2015 in ITALY

CHOLLEY important testimonial of Swiss Cosmetics in Chinese Pavillon to EXPO 2015 in Italy - July, 2015


CHOLLEY Technical Seminar for Cosmetologists in China

CHOLLEY in luxury SpaDiane in Seoul, KOREA

CHOLLEY Seminar in Luxury SpaDiane in Seoul, Korea - May, 2015


CHOLLEY Seminar with Dermatologists and Pharmacists in Dubai - May, 2015

CHOLLEY in Swiss Cosmetic stores in SINGAPORE

Exclusive CHOLLEY Products in HAUTE Swiss Cosmetics Stores in Singapore. - May, 2015

CHOLLEY in Luxury Pharmacies in DUBAI

CHOLLEY  in Luxury Pharmacies in Dubai - April, 2015.


CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL EYE CONTOUR CREAM is specifically formulated for problems of wrinkles, dark circles, and swelling of this most prominent facial area. 3 FUNCTIONS ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT: Anti-Wrinkles  Anti-Dark circles Anti-Puffiness Based on the IC-RAMP® Technology, CHOLLEY…

Exclusive CHOLLEY Event in China

Special CHOLLEY Night Event with customers in China - May, 2015  

Mr. Rick Pydar training in China

Mr. Rick Pydar, Technical Director of CHOLLEY SA, presenting new CHOLLEY Products & Technologies in China.

CHOLLEY in Cosmoprof Asia 2014

CHOLLEY SA  attended Cosmoprof Asia 2014 in Hong Kong in Swiss Pavillon.

Celebration of 25th Birthday of CHOLLEY SA

Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary 2014 is on exciting milestone in the history of our Company as our products continue to reach new markets and our brand is increasingly recognized for quality and performance. CHOLLEY continues to grow in medical, pharmaceutical, and other high-end segments of the…

CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL Arganight Cream & Whitintense Serum

CHOLLEY Phytocell Arganight Cream and CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL Whitintense Serum have been presented to a large network of journalists in Russia. “Immediately visible results when tested new products on their skin of the hands. All journalists noted the quality of packaging, pleasant perfume and…

CHOLLEY Annual Seminar in Bucharest

Our partner in Romania organized its annual CHOLLEY Seminar in Bucharest (June 2014). We have successfully presented the New CHOLLEY Phytocell Products of 2014 and New CHOLLEY Treatments to a large network of Romanian beauty technicians, doctors and dermatologists.

CHOLLEY Hyaluronic Program

CHOLLEY Hyaluronic Program placed 1st on the Beauty Salon Products and Treatments Award presented during 2014 KOSMETIK EXPO in Russia.

CHOLLEY Products in Russia Pharmacies

CHOLLEY Products are now available in Luxury Pharmacies in Russia.

Cosmoprof Asia 2013

CHOLLEY attended Cosmoprof Asia 2013 in Hong Kong in Swiss Pavillon.

CHOLLEY Medi-Spa in Ningbo, China

Inauguration of Luxury CHOLLEY Medi-Spa in Ningbo, China.  

China Meeting 2013

CHOLLEY SA was presented in the most important Cosmetics China Meeting organized by our distributor.

CHOLLEY in Pharmacies in Dubai

CHOLLEY Products ares present in Pharmacies in Dubai.


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