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CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary Contest Winners!

Contest Highlights Video! 1st Place Here we are with the announcement of the winner of the #WHYCHOLLEY contest!  Thanks to all those who participated, wishing us 30 years and conveying the importance of CHOLLEY in their lives! From our distributors to individual customers, Thank you all!    1st Place goes to Schoonheidssalon by Wies Steenvoorden [...]

CHOLLEY 30 Years Anniversary Contest Highlights

We have received hundreds of photo and video material from our customer all over the world explaining #WHYCHOLLEY is so special! Thank you so much to all who participated! The winners will be announced next week! Enjoy an highlights video of the Contest!

#CHOLLEYHistory Chapter 7: IC-Ramp and 25th Anniversary!

2019 was a special year for CHOLLEY. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary! Through this section we would like to tell you, in different chapters, the history of CHOLLEY. IC-Ramp Technology In 2011 CHOLLEY introduced many new features for our costumers. In 2011 CHOLLEY launched IC-RAMP® Technology, the forefront of research and development of stem cells phyto dermocosmetics in Switzerland. IC-RAMP® stands for Inter-Cellular Regenerative, Relay, [...]

CHOLLEY December 2019 Newsletter

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#CHOLLEYHistory Chapter 6: The growth of the 2000s

2019 is a special year for CHOLLEY. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary! Through this section we would like to tell you, in different chapters, the history of CHOLLEY. Chapter 6: The growth of the 2000s In the early 2000s CHOLLEY continued its growth in Europe, Middle east adn Asia, becoming a point of reference for Phyto DermoCosmetics 100% made [...]

CHOLLEY @ Cosmoprof Asia 2019

Here are the photos of our stand at the 2019 cosmoprof in Hong Kong.



What is IC-RAMP® Technology? IC-RAMP® stands for Inter-Cellular Regenerative, Relay, Resonance and Amplification. IC-RAMP® Technology  is at the forefront of research and development of stem cells cosmetics in Switzerland. It is the driving technology behind the highly advanced CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL® PRODUCTS, which are designed as superbly effective skin care solutions for specific needs. The combination of IC-RAMP® Technology with extracts of special stem cells such as the Alpine Rose, [...]

Acne Scar Prevention and Treatment

Acne scars can be a lifelong struggle if they’re not treated straight away. Even big-name celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Edward James Olmos have had to deal with stubborn acne scars. Prevention is by far the best way to handle them, but there are options that are helpful after scars develop as well. The [...]

CHOLLEY Techniques: Phytocosmetics Part 1

In very general terms phytocosmetics are cosmetic products whose principal active ingredients are derived from plants as opposed to being produced synthetically.  Phytocosmetics owe a great debt to popular and empirical medicine that over thousands of years through the crude technique of trial and error has identified the beneficial properties of innumerable plants.  Today equipped [...]

Stop Aging in Its Tracks with Anti Glycation Balm

Skin ageing is a problem that many people have to deal with, a problem that perhaps receives the most attention in the cosmetic industry. The effects of ageing are caused by three broad degenerative processes: inflammation, oxidation, and glycation. The hindmost of these, Glycation, is one of the most difficult to manage. But our Swiss [...]

Unlock the Power of Nature with Phytocosmetics

For hundreds — if not thousands — of years, cosmetics relied purely on the properties of natural herbs and materials to achieve results. These days there are a variety of synthetic products that aim to replicate and enhance the effects of naturally-sourced substances. The use of plant-based cosmetics has never died down. In fact, it’s [...]

Help Your Skin to Look Its Best with CHOLLEY Swiss Anti Aging Creams

You may not know that your skin is the largest organ you have. It’s also one of the surest signs of both health, and age. So, it’s no wonder that sometimes your skin needs a little help to make sure that you stay looking healthy  and youthful for longer. Plant-based skin care products are all [...]


CHOLLEY December 2019 Newsletter

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CHOLLEY November 2019 Newsletter

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CHOLLEY October 2019 Newsletter

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Article regarding CHOLLEY SA for the ‘Ticino Business Magazine’ – the official Economy magazine of the Ticino Chamber of Commerce  – CHOLLEY’s 30 Years Anniversary – December, 2019 "In the highly competitive Cosmetic sector, the longevity of a Brand is confirm of its high quality and great ability to innovate but retaining its values at the same time. CHOLLEY [...]

PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER quoted in “10 Face Serum products from highly recommended Brands”

Demonstrating how CHOLLEY is recognized at an international level, we were quoted in the "10 Face Serum products from highly recommended Brands" article BY  Dr. Mohammad Zaghloul on the website. In particular, our PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER was mentioned as one of the most recommended. Take a look at the full article!

CHOLLEY Press Conference in Moscow

Russia – 19th March 2019 Interviews of Cholley Paydar Bavandpour with Russian journalists, bloggers and Fashion TV.

Interview of Mme Cholley with Beauty Wellness Magazine in the Netherlands

Interview of Mme Cholley, President of CHOLLEY SA, for 'Beauty Wellness Magazine' - during the CHOLLEY Seminar with 247 Cosmetics in THE NETHERLANDS - August, 2017 Share our news Tweet

Interview of Mr. Rick Paydar for ‘Ticino Business Magazine’ in SWITZERLAND

Interview of Mr. Rick Paydar, CTO of CHOLLEY SA, for ‘Ticino Business Magazine’ – the official Economy magazine of the Chamber of Commerce of Ticino – about the Conference KEY BUSINESS SECTORS IN SWITZERLAND in IRAN – July, 2017

SISTERS Beauty Pro Cosmoprof 2016 Interview

Special Interview for SISTERS BeautyPro with CHOLLEY during Cosmoprof 2016 in Hong Kong.   Share our news Tweet