Is swimming bad for your skin ?

The long-awaited summer is finally here, and we can enjoy the long days and head to the swimming pools to cool off. The swimming pools we are heading out to are filled with cholerine which is meant to stop the pools becoming a gathering place for bacteria and microorganisms that are dangerous to humans. Chlorine has many good benefits, but it also has some harmful side effects for your skin This should be concerning for all of us and in particular those who are passionate about taking care of their skin.

Chlorine is a mixture of chemicals that are added to swimming pools to keep the water suitable for humans to swim in. The way chlorine works is due to its composition which includes chemicals such as hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite. These chemicals destroy bacteria’s and microorganisms by oxidizing the cells of bacteria and microorganisms which are harmful to humans. This oxidization process makes the bacteria and microorganisms harmless to humans as they swim in the water.

But as chlorine helps to destroy and neutralize these harmful entities  it also can have some negative effects on the skin. Chlorine can cause dry skin and open pores on your skin. This will cause the natural oils on your skin that keeps the skin moisturized and healthy to be removed. Continuous exposure  to chlorine will cause the skin to become drier and cause itchiness and irritation.

If this exposure to chorine continues for years, it can further damage the skin by causing premature aging and making this skin look tired and wrinkled. Many people exposed to continuous chlorine exposure can have rashes that make the skin red and inflamed and even cause blisters to appear.

Now that we have outlined the benefits of chlorine when it comes to cleaning the water and its harmful effects on your skin, we need to look at how to decrease the harmful effects of chlorine on your skin.

Showering after swimming can help to remove some of the chlorine on your skin. It is recommended that you take a shower every time after you swim since you want to reduce the time chlorine remains on your skin to limit damage.

It is also recommended that you moisturize your skin after swimming. We have written before about the importance of keeping your skin moisturized and after swimming is also very important. Skin that is moisturized will fight the drying skin effects caused by chlorine.

We hope this article will help you to enjoy your days in the swimming pool and keep your skin healthy.

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