Is skin whitening cream permanent ?

Skin whitening creams are used by people due to a variety of reasons. The reasons skin whitening creams are used range from wanting to have your skin appear lighter,  make less visible or get rid of marks and blemishes on the skin, make less visible scars or stretch mark, even and smooth out a tan that is uneven or to help with certain skin conditions.

Skin whitening creams actually do not get rid and remove the problems such as scars but what they help to do is lighten the area impacted by the problem and make it less visible. But what many people who use skin whitening creams want to know is if they are permanent and if not why?

Melanin and skin whitening creams

In the past we have written and discussed numerous times the important role of the melanin when it comes to our skin and in particular its fundamental and important role when it comes to giving our skin colour. As we have mentioned in previous articles melanin is responsible for giving our skin its colour. Melanin is created by melanocytes cells in the skin.

These cells which are quite unique and exceptional are there to give our skin colour. Melanin has other functions besides giving our skin its colour. These other functions melanin performs include protecting the skin from sun damage. Interestingly the skin colour of many people is primary due to melanin. In places where there is less sun people’s skin are lighter since they need less melanin to protect them from the sun and in places where there are more sun people tend to have darker skin since they need more melanin.

The skin whitening process

Our skin is continually refreshing and renewing itself since both melanin and melanocytes are continually refreshing which makes our skin regenerate. When you use skin whitening creams it impacts the top layer of the skin mainly and to a much lesser degree the underneath layers of the skin.

As our skin continues its refreshing and regenerating process eventually all those layers of the skin that have been impacted by the skin whitening creams are removed. This means eventually your skin returns back to its original condition and there is no trace of the skin whitening cream on the new layers. Furthermore, the skin whitening creams penetrate the epidermis and cannot really penetrate the dermis. This means as your skin sheds you need to apply more skin whitening cream to impact the newly generated skin.

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