Is cellulite cream safe during pregnancy?

Almost all women suffer from cellulite which is the gathering of fat under skin. The accumulation of fat increases during pregnancy due to the need of the body for more energy. Also, the need for the body to prepare for breastfeeding requires the body to store more fat than at normal times. To be more exact during pregnancy the body  tries to store  additional fat which is meant for delivering the baby easier causes skin and ligaments to become looser which leads to cellulite.

So, we know as your body begins to prepare itself for pregnancy the storage of fat increases which leads to cellulite appearing. You may have used cellulite creams or skin firming lotions for cellulite in the past to treat cellulite and you may be wondering if you can still use those creams during pregnancy.

Some of the ingredients such as Methylxanthines found in many cellulite creams are not regarded safe to be used during pregnancy. You may wonder why Methylxanthines is not considered safe during pregnancy. The reason for it not being considered safe has to do with it containing a stimulant which dehydrates the spaces between the fat cells. The process of dehydrating the spaces between fat cells is important when treating cellulite since it breaks down fat stored in cells.

Some ways you can treat cellulite during pregnancy are those involving changes in lifestyle and your diet. You can try to prevent the appearance of cellulite by eating more foods that are high in fibre such as vegetables and fruits and avoid foods high in calories. Some other ways to avoid treat cellulite during pregnancy can be things such as doing light exercises such as yoga , not smoking and straying hydrated.

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