How to wash your face to get rid of acne?

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Have you ever wondered how to wash your face to get rid of acne ?Each of us have a unique skin and those characteristics that make it unique must be paid attention to. When it comes to skincare for acne the characteristics of your unique skin impact how acne effects your skin. Many dermatologists look at our skin tones, skin types, background lifestyle and even genetic history when treating our skin problems such as acne.

The reason for dermatologists looking deeply into specific details is that what works for someone else may not work for others. They try to customise their treatment as much as possible to suite our skin conditions.

How to wash your face to get rid of acne

One of the recommendations almost all dermatologists make when it comes to taking care of your skin is washing your face. This must not come as a big surprise to many of us specially those of us who are passionate and focused about taking care of our skin.

It is usually recommended that you wash your face at least twice a day (morning & night) to steer clear of acne and breakouts. Many people may think Ok, washing your face is a simple thing. But as we mentioned earlier, we all have unique skins, and this impacts how we wash our face.

You see washing your face has many benefits such as washing away dirt that has gathered on your skin, removing make up, getting rid of those unhealthy dead skin cells and other things that may have blocked your pores.

You must wash your face at night if you are serious about getting rid of acne and preventing future breakouts. Even if you do not wear makeup you should wash your face at night, since during the day things like sweat, pollution and oil have been accumulated on your outer skin layers.

Washing your face at night will remove all these nasty things gathered on your face and help prevent future problems such as acne, irritation or inflammation. For those who may not have time due to their busy lifestyle to wash their face it is recommended that they use face wipes to clean their face.


The cleanser you use is also very important when it comes to your daily face washing and skincare routine and how to treat acne. Your cleanser must be selected carefully since not only it is important when it comes to treating acne it can also help with other skin problems your unique skin condition may have.

Many of us know the skin type we have such as normal, oily, dry skin or sensitive but if you do not you should check with a dermatologist. Knowing your skin type is important when it comes to taking care of it and treating problems such acne.

You should select your cleanser based on weather if your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or acne prone. Using the correct cleanser suited for your skin conditions not only treats your actual acne problem but it also helps future breakouts. The correct cleanser can also help reduce inflammation and help the general health of your skin.

For those who have a sensitive or dry skin using a light and gentle creamy cleanser recommended. Foamy and gel cleanser can be used for those with oily skin since their skin can tolerate these types of cleansers better. A water-based cleanser can be used for those who have a normal skin type. To be able to remove makeup and sunscreen better you can use a cleansing milk. A cleansing milk is more like a moisturizer than other cleansers and this helps it pierce through makeup and sunscreen.

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