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Today we have so many options when it comes to skincare face masks, and we do not necessary need to go to a spa to take care of our skin and can do it right at home. One of the most popular face masks are the peel-off face masks and if you use them is good to know the correct way of applying them.

At CHOLLEY we know the importance of  proper use of facial masks for skincare since we produce several of them. Being one of the top Swiss skincare brands and producing the best quality products such as the best skin repair cream and skin whitening cream clearly shows when it comes to the quality of our skincare facial masks. There are several different types of face mask on the market today such as sheet masks, clay masks and peel-off face mask. Peel off face masks are very popular and effective since they focus on removing dead skin cells from your face which gives you a younger look!


Peel-off face masks are also popular since they can be used all year around no matter the type of the weather. In the winter months they are ideal since they help to  hydrate and dampen your skin. They are also ideal for the summer months since they keep your skin refreshed by controlling the excess oils produced due to more humidity and hotter temperatures.

Peel off face masks are available in a number of different forms such as gel and cream. When used you must let them dry and then they form a layer on your face which you can remove.

As with other skincare products knowing your skin type and selecting the correct one based on your skin type is very important before applying the skincare. Clay face mask are more suitable for those with oily skin since they help to remove impurities and oils. For those who want an in-depth cleansing that helps to protects against harmful chemicals and pollution a mud facial mask is better.

Before applying the face mask make sure you have cleaned your skin since not cleaning your skin can reduce the effectiveness of the face mask. Once your skin has been cleaned your pores open allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients much better from the face mask.

Once you have cleaned your skin open the face mask and apply it using your fingers or a silicon face mask brush evenly on your face . While applying the face mask make sure all your face is covered evenly with the face mask without getting any in your eyes, nose or mouth.

Once the face mask has been applied it is time to relax and wait for at least 15 minutes before removing the mask. Once ready to remove the face mask do so by slowly peeling it off when it has dried. It is best to start by removing the mask from the corners of your face and moving towards the centre of your face.

After having removed the mask it best to clean up any residues left by the face mask with a wet cloth. The last step is to refresh your face with a moisturizer and toner to refill your skin.


BIOCLEAN Elixir Marin Program Peel-Off Mask

BIOCLEAN Elixir Marin Program is a peel-off mask based on 100% natural ingredients. If you are seeking that younger and radiant looking skin, you must give this mask a try! It is based on extraction from ocean and mountain plants to provide your skin the vital energy. The results are  astonishing and  just even after just one application your skin will appear fresh with less wrinkles and full of energy. Although even just after one application this mask makes an impact on your skin it is best to apply it 2-3 times per week for best results.

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