How to treat and prevent sun damaged skin

As the pandemic begins to end and we gradually go back to our normal lives we will be enjoying the outdoors more and more. In addition, we are approaching the summer months and that means we will be spending even more time out in the sun.

Some of us may just spend time outdoors enjoying a drink on a terrace on a hot sunny day or others may spend hours tanning by the pool and soaking up the sun. No matter how much time you spend out in the sun it is recommended that you protect yourself from sun damage.

Spending hours by the pool on a hot sunny day may at first seem harmless but fast forward a few years and you will begin seeing the signs of damaged skin. Sun damage can begin appearing on any part of your body exposed to the sun such as face neck, chest, arms and legs.

The damage caused by the sun on those carefree days outdoors will appear in many forms on your skin. It may appear as narrow wrinkles, pigmentations, skin that is sagging, freckles or even dark spots.

Once you begin seeing these signs the first steps that must be taken are those focused on preventing further damage. Applying a good sunscreen cream that protects you from further sun damage is key.

In addition, as with many other health concerns the best defense is prevention. To avoid the signs of sun damage on your skin at first place you should follow certain guidelines when outdoors and exposed to the sun. The most important one being applying sunscreen followed by wearing protective clothing and avoid spending long hours in the sun. Sun damage is a serious concern and can lead to cancer, so prevention and treatment are key.

In addition to protecting yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing a good diet is also important. Eating a healthy diet that contains antioxidants and Vitamin C can decrease the deterioration of skin caused by the production of hazardous chemicals due to UV damage. It is also recommended to regularly visits your dermatologist in particular if you are concerned about damaged skin due to the sun exposure.

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