How to treat allergic reaction to skin care product

Having an allergic reaction when it comes to skincare is something essentially anyone can suffer from. In many cases the person who suffers from the allergic reaction did not read the warning on the product which refers and warn about the ingredients in the product and allergic reaction they may cause. In addition, since allergic reactions to skincare product are usually less severe than when allergen has been ingested many people who have had an allergic reaction to skincare products may have not noticed them.

Allergic reaction organic skincare vs non-organic skincare

You are more likely to suffer an allergic reaction to organic skincare products rather to synthetic and non-organic skincare. The reason you are more likely to suffer an allergic reaction from organic skincare is due to the high and elevated amount of naturally active skin care ingredients present in organic skincare products. Non organic skincare products have fillers in them which reduce the possibility of having an allergic reaction. These fillers do reduce the possibility of allergic reactions although irritations may still occur.

Identifying the cause of the allergic reaction

As we mentioned earlier it is best to read the labels and instructions on the skincare products before you use them in order to be informed of ingredients that you know you are allergic to. But at times although you have read the labels and instructions you still may suffer an allergic reaction. By the way we have a great article about what skin care ingredients to not mix which we also recommend that you read.

It can be difficult sometimes to know what exactly caused the allergic reaction since practically we can be allergic to anything. Our skin is very sensitive and when it perceives something as an aggressor or attacker rightly or wrongly it stresses out to the brain that it has come under attack. Due to the signals from the brain our skin produces additional antibodies.

What to do and not to do when allergic reactions happen

Our behaviours and conduct when having suffered an allergic reaction are essential and key. Once you notice that an allergic reaction has occurred and symptoms such as itching, swelling and bumps appear immediately remove the product that has caused it from your skincare routine. Additionally with clean cold water rinse the area to relieve itching, you can also use a cold compress by applying it to the affected area.

Furthermore, make sure you do not scratch the affected area since this will only make things worse and will not be beneficial at all. Scratching can even further damage the skin and cause infections. In addition, do not apply anymore skincare products which may irritate the skin even more and leave the skin clean for a while.

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