How to travel with skincare?

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As covid restriction ease and travelling becomes normal again and more and more people begin to travel. Some of us certainly will take our skincare products on our carry-on luggage in the planes with us as we travel since we want to take care of our skin.

Travelling with your skincare products in your carry-on luggage is possible but takes planning. We will look at some practical ways in the following article on how to travel with your skincare products in your carry-on luggage so you can maintain your skincare routine during your trip.

There are some basic guidelines you should look at before preparing the skincare products you will take on your carry-on luggage. These include things like “how long you are travelling“, “where are you travelling to”, “the climate of the place you are travelling to” and “if you are staying in a hotel what products does the hotel provide which you need not to take “.

Also, when travelling it is ideal to travel and pack as light as possible and make sure you only bring the essential skincare products you need to use during your trip. Items like sunscreens, makeup wipes, facial cleansers and moisturizers may be some of the essential products you need to take with you. Other items such as toners and serums may not be necessary to take with you so you can leave them out if you want to travel light and have little space in your carry-on luggage.

In Europe travel size products are 100 millilitres’ and in United States it is 3.4 ounces. Today due to travel restrictions on what you can bring with you on a plane many skincare manufacturers produce products that come in travel sizes. But if your skincare products do not come in travel sizes the easiest way is to put your skincare products in smaller containers to take with you.

Many skincare experts advise that not to rely on hotel provided skincare products if you are staying in a hotel on your trip. Products provided by hotels are not usually the highest in quality and can irritate your skin by drying it. Also, for those of us who have sensitive skins that are prone to allergies skincare products provided by hotels are not usually the best!

Your destination is also important when thinking of what to take with you on the plane when traveling. Your skincare routine does not need to change based on your destination but the amount of moisturizers may increase or decrease based on your travel destination.

For example, if you are travelling to dry location you may need to increase your use of moisturizers to deal with drying skin due to climate .

With  these basic guidelines you should be better prepared for travelling with skincare products and avoid unnecessary problems.

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