How to Take Care of Dry Skin?

If you suffer from dry skin you may need to amend your skin care method based on some factors. For example when humidity drops like in the winter months the dry air can affect your skin differently than when there is more humidity like the summer months.

The dry air can impact your skin by making wrinkles more noticeable with cracks that at times cause bleeding. These unpleasant effects of dry skin can be uncomfortable and make your skin look unattractive.

To avoid these unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of dry skin there are certain steps you can take.  One way to make the impact of dry air less harmful to your skin is to avoid taking showers with hot water and switching to lukewarm water. When the water temperature is too high it can remove oils from your skin that may make your skin feel drier. The use of lukewarm water rather than hot water is also recommended when washing your hand and face also!

Another step you can take to protect your skin from becoming dry is the type of facial cleanser you use. Rather than using any cleanser you should use cleansers that are suitable for your skin type. Your cleanser must also have hydrating actions to protect your skin further from drying and cracking.

It is also recommended that you use skin care products that are fragrance free since those that contain fragrance can be rough on your skin. You must also use a moisturizer while your skin is still damp and moist. For example after taking a shower or washing your face touch your skin gently with a towel leaving it slightly damp and then apply moisturizer within 5 minutes to your skin.

Some other steps that you can take to protect yourself from dry skin are using a humidifier at home, wearing clothing that are made of cotton and other natural fibers since wool and other materials can be irritating.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex Cream

In case you do suffer from dry skin CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH Skin Repair Complex is an excellent product to use. It is specially manufactured for damaged skins that require special care to restore their strengths.  It offers hydrating action and removes redness which can appear due to dry skin.

Another great product from CHOLLEY for dry skin is the BIOREGENE Lait. This gentle milk with its purifying action is ideal for dry skins. It is composed of rich natural extracts and vitamins that offer moisturizing action. It can be used both as a cleanser and a makeup remover.

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