How to Store your Skincare Products?

If you are reading this article, then you are most likely passionate about taking care of your skin and try to find the best skincare product to apply to your skin. But have you ever thought how and where you keep your skincare products can impact their quality and effectiveness ?

You may have not thought about the location of where you keep your skincare products, but it is an important factor in how effective your skincare products remain! You see the place and location where you keep your skincare are important since factors such as exposure to heat, light and air can impact the quality and effectiveness of your skincare products. To be more precise factors such as heat, light and air can impact and expediate the breakdown of ingredients contained in your skincare products.

Products such as vitamin C that are very common in many skincare products are very effective in helping to protect your skin from sun damage and also provide skin lightening effects sought out by many. But vitamin C is also quiet a delicate and unsteady ingredient and how it is produced, stored, and packaged is very important to maintain its effectiveness.

There are some common and general rules that you can follow to protect your skincare products. The most important one of these is to keep your skincare products away from sun and in a dark location. Many skincare products have unstable ingredients such as vitamin C as we mentioned earlier, and sun exposure can increase their decline and lessen their effectiveness.

Also, make sure you do not put your skincare products in the car since sun exposure can damage them usually in the car. A great place to keep your skincare products is in the bathroom below your bathroom countertop since it is dark and a great place for storage.

Another way to keep your skincare products effective and safe from damage is keeping skincare products in the refrigerator. Some products such as eye creams that have vitamin C and other product that have retinoids are best kept in the refrigerator.

Also avoiding steam and humidity can be important factors when it comes to best practices for skincare products storage. We are all used to keeping our skincare products on bathroom countertop where they are exposed continually to humidity and steam from hot showers etc.

Not only steam and humidity can increase the decline and breakdown of ingredients in your skincare products they can also help to create mildew. Make sure you do not keep your products in the shower and as we mentioned earlier the best place to store them is below the bathroom countertop.

Following these simple guidelines will keep your skincare products more effective and help to avoid their damage and breakdown!

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