How to reverse sun damage?

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One of the principal parts of building a good skincare routine is applying sunscreen to prevent sun damage. But although being a very important part of any good skincare routine there are still many who don’t apply sun protection when spending time outdoors in the sun.

The results of not applying sunscreen while spending time in the sun is sun damage on the skin which may result in dark spots, lines and other forms of sun damage. There are many products and treatments for sun damage ranging from creams, serums and other types of treatments and at times it can be very hard to decide which one is the right one.

Vitamin A can help in treating sun damage

For those who have not applied sunscreen while outdoors and have suffered from sun damage one option they can opt for is using skincare products with Vitamin A. Products that contain vitamin A increase collagen production which increases cell turnover which are both important parts when it comes to improving the health of your skin and reversing the effects of sun damage.

Skincare products that contain Vitamin A have the capability to balance pigmentation caused by sun damage and slowly diminish the appearance of brown spots that appear due to sun damage. Furthermore, vitamin A helps to make the skin softer and make less visible line and wrinkles.

When applying products that have vitamin A you may come across Retinol which is rich in vitamin A. But be careful when applying Retinol particularly if you have sensitive skin since it can cause irritation, dryness and redness.

Laser treatment can also help to reverse sun damage

Another option when it comes to treating sun damage is laser treatment. There are a variety of laser treatments that one can choose from. There are certain laser treatments that focus on melanin and they essentially help to remove the sunspots that appear on the skin due to sun damage. As we have discussed in previous blogs Melanin helps to protect you from the sun.

In addition, laser treatments are also effective when it comes to dealing with lesser-known effects caused by sun damage. Sun damage at times can affects collagen production and cease its function which result in redness that appear on the nose and middle of the face due to broken blood vessels.

The best way is prevention and using sunscreen

As we have mentioned in numerous previous blogs using sunscreen in skin care routine regularly in the best way to prevent sun damage. Make sure you use a SPF of 20 or higher which has shown to decease significantly signs of aging in comparison to those who do not use sunscreen. Furthermore, to enhance the effects of sunscreen you can wear protective clothing and avoid being outdoors when sun is the strongest.

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