How to repair skin barrier?

Your skin barrier can be weakened due to several factors. These factors can range from pollution, harsh products in your skincare products , the environment, steroids, stress and effects of skin problems such as eczema. We will discuss here how to repair a damaged skin barrier and products that can help.

Your skin barrier which is the outer most layer of your epidermis when healthy should be soft and hydrated. But when is unhealthy will be dry and red. We have  already discussed in previous article how to take care of  dry skin. Once you see signs that your skin barrier has become unhealthy how you treat and what you apply to your skin become very important! One interesting fact you may not have known is that most of the skincare products produced focus on treating and acting on the outermost layer of your skin.

You must realize that a damaged skin barrier needs repair at foremost. You can start by using and applying oils that have plenty of useful skincare antioxidants in order to restore the skin lipid. These oils help to hydrate your skin. In addition, look for skincare products that contain ingredient such Vitamin B-5 which also help in hydrating the skin.

As we have written in previous articles moisturizing is essential for a healthy skin and when it comes to a damaged skin barrier is the same case. Once your epidermis has become damaged you must apply moisturizer to it. This means keeping well hydrated is very important when you are repairing a damaged skin barrier. When selecting moisturizing products to apply, look for serums and creams that have ingredients such as sorbitol and glycerine.

As mentioned earlier in this article sometimes your skin barrier becomes damaged due to chemicals present in your skincare products. Some hard chemicals such as retinoid and others that are in your anti-acne products may be culprits of your problems. They can produce inflammation in your skin , make it red or even cause eczema. You must stop using such products to restore the health of your skin and stop your skin from becoming red and dry.

Also, as we have mentioned numerous times the use of sunscreen is essential to maintain a healthy skin. Our article about how to repair sun damaged skin has plenty of great information you can use . Excessive overexposure to the sun is one of the causes of damaged skin barrier. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 or higher and one that has plenty of antioxidants.

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