How to Repair Skin Barrier Naturally

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Being our biggest organ our skin’s job is to protect us from numerous harmful external irritants that can cause stress and strain on our skin. To be able to do its job properly our skin has been developed with a high degree of complexity and sophistication. Part of this complexity and sophistication is the skin barrier. But at times this protective layer being our skin barrier can be damaged and now we will look at some ways to repair the skin barrier naturally and fix damaged skin.

How our Skin Barrier can be Damaged

In our previous articles we have discussed in detail what the skin barrier is being essentially like a protective wall for our skin. Our skin barrier can be damaged due to a variety of reasons. When damage occurs in our skin barrier essentially this tight protective wall loses its characteristics. Once our skin barrier has lost its tight protective wall like structure harmful external irritants can harm it. A damaged skin barrier can appear in a variety of forms such as skin that is irritated, dehydrated, skin that is breaking and is reddish colour.

Root Causes of Skin Barrier Damage

Let’s now look at some of the most common causes why the skin barrier gets damaged. One of the most common causes associated with skin barrier damage is excessive washing. Excessive washing exposes our skin barrier to water and harsh and rough cleansers that can damage the skin barrier.

In addition to excessive washing other causes of the skin barrier being damaged include exposure to pollution and dry air which effects the skin barrier. Furthermore, it has been observed those who use exfoliating products excessively as part of their skin care routine tend to get their skin barrier damaged.

Other factors also include things like ageing and genetics. Some people have a weaker skin barrier due to their genetics and aging can cause the skin barrier to be more easily damaged due to the drier and more sensitive skin that is associated with ageing.

Some Ways to Repair Damaged Skin

Now that we know more about the skin barrier and ways it can be damaged let’s discuss ways to repair it once it has been damaged. To be able to apply the right techniques it is essential that the root cause of the skin damage has been identified otherwise you will waste time.

For example, if you have identified the root cause as excessive washing then limit the number of times you wash and use lukewarm water while washing. In addition, make sure you do not use harsh cleansers and use more gentle cleansers.

If the root cause has been excessive exfoliating, then you must stop exfoliating which allows your skin to regenerate the skin barrier. Also, as we have written in numerous previous articles moisturizing and hydration are essential for the skin in particular when the barrier has been damaged. Therefor make sure you moisturize the skin that has been damaged.

Some further advice when it comes to repairing the skin barrier include things like not using and testing new skin products on your skin and keeping your skin care routine simple.

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