How to repair skin barrier after retinol?

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In recent years there has been a lots of buzz in the skincare world about using Retinol. So, you were taken away by all these article and buzz about Retinol, and you decide to give it a try. You decide to purchase a product with Retinol. Then you apply it your face and you see that it has caused irritation on your face. When it comes to the use of Retinol many of us underestimate the strength of Retinol. Retinol is much more powerful than many other skincare ingredients.  When applied and particularly when applied in excess it can damage the skin.

After the irritation Retinol caused on your skin you are sorry about having ever tried a product with Retinol. It seems that it was not a good idea and now you need to find some ways to calm, repair and handle the damaged skin.

Repair the skin barrier

We continually talk about the skin barrier in our articles. The reason is that this part of the skin is fundamental when it comes to protecting and treating the skin. If your skin has been damaged or irritated by Retinol the first step is to try treat and repair the skin barrier. As we have mentioned in the past the skin barrier is responsible for some essential tasks when it comes to our skin. Some of the essential tasks the skin barrier is responsible for include protecting the skin. This protection is there to fend off your skin against things like pollution, harsh chemicals and humidity.

The use of Retinol can damage our skin by causing inflammation. This inflammation caused by the use of Retinol can damage the skin barrier. Once the skin barrier has been damaged due to use of Retinol which causes inflammation it can be easily irritated. To be more specific the part of the skin barrier that Retinol damages are the lipids which form our skin barrier. This indicate clearly that your skin cannot tolerate Retinol due to the ingredient’s strength and power.

If your skin barrier has been damaged by Retinol you must look for products that contain certain ingredients. These ingredients include ceramides and lipids. A healthy skin barrier requires these active ingredients which ultimately strengthens and supports the protective layer of the epidermis.

Furthermore, products that contain ingredients such as ceramides and lipids restore the balance to the skin. Once balance has been restored to your skin you should gradually see signs of improvement.

Treat your skin with ease

At times when our skin gets irritated by Retinol we may panic and try numerous products to calm the skin. This is not a good idea. The use of too many skincare products can cause further irritation to the skin. Even those skincare products specifically formulated for sensitive skin can cause further damage and irritation.

The best way to treat your skin is to use one product at a time. This way you can see how that particular products performs and eventually you will find the best one for your skin.

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