How to repair extremely dry skin

If you see that your current skin care routine, you are using is not working it is time to change it. For example, when humidity levels decrease it may be time to look at your current skin care routine and look if you should change it.

When humidity levels decrease and there is more dry air your skin can be affected by these changes. Dry air can harm your skin in many ways such as making lines and wrinkles becoming more visible. Also, when humidity levels drop and there is more dry skin more cracks can appear in your skin, and your skin can even bleed due to these cracks.

There are certain steps you can take to fight the impact of dry air on your skin, and we now will look at some of those steps.

The impact of water and showers on dry skin is significant and one way to help treat or prevent dry skin from appearing starts right in your bathrooms!

While taking a shower or bath make sure you use warm rather than hot water and close the bathroom door. Further steps that can be taken in the shower include limiting the time you spend in the shower to less than 10 minutes and using gentler and smaller amount of soaps and cleanser as you shower. After finishing the shower make sure you dry your skin thoroughly with a dry towel and apply moisturizers immediately after showering.

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Further treatments for dry skin can come from your dermatologist who may prescribe some non-prescription creams to treat your dry skin. These creams may include ingredients such as lactic acid and urea.

Another way to combat dry skin as humidity levels drop can be the use of humidifier. A home humidifier can increase the moisture levels in your home as humidity levels drop and can be a great way to treat dry skin.

Also, the skincare products you use are another way to treat dry skin. Phyto oils have also shown to be a great way to treat dry skin. Phyto oils have emollient characteristics which are great when treating dry skin. Due to phyto oils being composed of emollients they help to fill the spaces between the skin cells. By filling the spaces in the skin, the skin surface becomes more smooth and dry skin is treated.

Another way to combat dry skin is by your diet. Dry skin appears when your skin cannot fight the elements that damage your skin faster than your body can repair them. Usually, a diet rich in antioxidants such as tomatoes, blueberries, carrot and lentils and those rich in omaga-3 like salmon can have a positive impact when treating dry skin.

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