How to repair dead skin cells on face?

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There are several ways your skin can naturally renew itself that you may not be aware of. This renewal of skin usually occurs every 30 days. When the outer layer of your skin which is called the epidermis removes dead cells and replaces them with new ones this process occurs. Being a leader in Swiss cosmetics technology and producing one of the best anti-aging creamskin damage cream at CHOLLEY we think it is important for the readers of our blogs to know the different components of their skin and how to treat them if damaged. Here we will focus on dead skin cells and how to remove them

A non-natural way you can add to your skincare routine to remove dead skin cells is a process called exfoliation. This process helps to increase the speed of removing dead skin cells if you want to do it quickly.We have briefly mentioned the benefits of exfoliation when it comes to applying sunscreen in our article can you use sunscreen as moisturizer.

Although this process helps speed up the process of dead skin cell removal,  there are some precautions that must be paid attention to. Some of the products used for exfoliation can be harmful to your skin.

Manual forms of exfoliation which may involve using things like washcloths, natural sponges, or face scrubs. Using the washcloths could be the best option if you have sensitive skin . By using a wet washcloths and squeezing it dry you are now ready to use it for exfoliation. It is recommended that you wash your face first and then apply the washcloths by making small circles on your face with it.

Using face scrubs can be another option for those who wish to use the exfoliation method to remove dead skin cells. You must be very careful while choosing a face scrub for exfoliation and chose those that are made from salt and sugar since they are much gentler on your skin. You should not choose face scrubs that are made from hard material that do not dissolve such as nutshell.

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You can also use natural sponges for exfoliating. As you make circular moves by using the natural sponge make sure you do not push too hard on the sponge since it can cause skin irritation.

Another way to remove dead skin cells is by using chemicals. The best chemical to use is the AHA. AHAs remove dead skin cells by breaking down the top layer of the skin so the skin cells underneath can come to the surface. In addition, AHAs are great since they help to make pores on your face appear much smaller and minimize the appearance of lines.

You can also use BHAs to remove dead skin cells. BHAs also help reduce further break outs. If your skin type is oily and have skin that is scarred by acnes BHAs are a good option.

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