How to repair damaged skin on face naturally

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Perfect skin is a desire of many but unfortunately most of us are not so fortunate and do not have soft and smooth skin. Skin conditions are varying and can appear in the forms of acne, acne scars, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation or irritation.

Due to the skin being our biggest organ and continuously being exposed to things like the sun, elements in the environment that are harmful, and  the impact of aging is natural to see our skin being damaged. In addition to these there are other causes of skin being damaged such as smoking, chlorine in the swimming pool, poor diet, not exercising, and alcohol and drug use.

We have written extensively before about damaged skin and its root causes such as tan causing skin damage and the question that many ask is how to repair it once damage has occurred. In this article we will look at some simple ways to repair damaged skin naturally.

Using Diet to Repair Skin that is Damaged

As we mentioned earlier one of the reasons skin can be damaged is a poor diet. So, the best place to start when it comes to repairing the skin naturally starts with a diet that is healthy and helps to repair the skin.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C have many benefits and one of those is that they help to repair our skin. Eating foods like citrus fruits, spinach and peppers that are rich in vitamin C are good way to repair the skin naturally. The reason these foods are beneficial when it comes to repairing our skin is due to their richness in collagen which is essential when it comes to giving our skin structure and making it firm.

In addition to eating more vitamin C rich foods eating proteins are also helpful. By eating things like fish, eggs, lean meats, tofu, nuts and beans you will help your body rebuild cells which aid to repair skin that is damaged.

Consumptions of the right liquids is also part of the healthy diet that can help us repair our damaged skin naturally. You should drink plenty of water since being hydrated helps skin repair. Also drinking other liquids such as Dandelion Tea are beneficial due to them helping our system getting detoxed. We can combat things like acne by having less toxins in our system.

Exercising and a Healthy Skin

Keeping active and exercising is not only good for the body and mind, but it also is beneficial when it comes to combating skin damage. When we are more active and exercise it helps to get the blood pumping nutrients do what they should when it comes to repairing the skin.

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