How to repair damaged pores on face?

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Pores on the face caused by damaged skin are something that almost everyone wishes they could get rid of and treat. These pores come in many forms and sizes, and some are large ad others small. In this article we will outline some ways you can treat facial pores.

Using Sunscreen

Using sunscreen which is a fundamental pillar of skincare is a good way to treat facial pores. The more your skin is damaged by the sun the more it will lose its firmness. As skin begin to lose more of its firmness facial pores become more visible. It is recommended to use sunscreen with a SPF of more than 30 which is also water resistant to best protect yourself from the sun and treat facial pores.

Non-Comedogenic Skin Care Products

Using Non-Comedogenic skin care products is another way to treat facial pores. We have written in previous articles about non-comedogenic skin care products and they are essentially products that do not clog your pores. Products that clog your pores make the pores expand and make the problem of facial pores worst. So, in order to make sure the skincare products you are using won’t aggravate your pores use products that state they are non-comedogenic, oil free or will not clog pores.

Washing Your Face Regularly

Another way you can also treat, and repair facial pores is by regularly washing your face, which is another topic we have written about in the past. Regularly washing your face in the morning and night removes oil from the skin which worsen pores since oil aggravates them. The best way to wash your face to treat pores is by using warm water, gently washing your face and using a non-comedogenic cleanser.

Treat Acne

We also have written extensively in past articles about treating acne. Acne is one of the main causes of pores appearing and worsening. By using salicylic acid or non-comedogenic cleansers you can control your acne and treat facial pores.

Sagging skin due to Aging

Unfortunately aging also impacts the appearance of pores on the skin. As we age our skin starts sagging and loses its firmness. You can treat sagging skin by using antiaging products. If you are not sure about using antiaging skincare products visiting a dermatologist is another option. Dermatologist can recommend methods suitable for making your skin less saggy and firmer.


Another method that can be used to treat facial pores is exfoliating. It has been shown than exfoliating makes pores less visible. Make sure you exfoliate safely to not cause damage to your skin.

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