How to repair crepey skin under eyes

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Some of you who are experts at taking care of your skin maybe familiar with the term “crepey skin” and some may not. The term “crepey skin” refers to when skin has become wrinkled due to a variety of causes. These causes can be sun damage, weight loss, reaction to some medication, genetics, dry skin , smoking, pollution and skin damage. When your skin has become crepey it will also look weaker and thinner.

When our skin is damaged due to the sun and other reasons we mentioned its elastin has been weakened and lessened . You may wonder what elastin is and what is its function. Elastin is a protein and is a very important and essential part of our skin. Its main function is to allow your skin to stay flexible and be able to rebound.

The area most effected by crepey skin are the areas under our eyes. Due to the loss of elastin the area under the eyes become thin and wrinkles start appearing. As you can imagine having thin and weak looking skin under your eyes in not attractive and will make you look older and tired.

Another factor that can impact the likelihood of developing crepey skin is skin colour. The whiter the skin the probability of having crepey skin increases. The fact that those with lighter skin are more prone to being affected by crepey skin due to sun damage leads back to numerous articles we have written about proper sun protection.

Now that we have learnt what crepey skin is and its causes it is time to learn how to treat it. As with other skin problems such as dry skin maintaining your skin hydrated is key. By applying rich eye creams, you can treat crepey skin. These special eye creams are manufactured to moisturize the sensitive skin area under the eyes which are affected by crepey skin. Try to find eye creams that  contain high amount of hyaluronic acid. In addition, those moisturizers that can plump and lubricate your skin should be used.

Also, by taking some simple steps you can prevent crepey skin appearing to start with. These steps include moisturizing your skin on a daily basis-keeping it hydrated, not smoking and keeping a healthy diet that  contains antioxidants.

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