How to Regenerate Skin on Face?

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Our skin cells are continually shedding since our bodies are always changing. This causes the cell on our skin to be continually resorting themselves. This process releases fresh skin cells that were underneath which now have been revealed and have come up to the surface due to this process.

This is an essential part of taking care of your skin since it helps the skin to repair and revitalise itself. This process is also the cause scars that appear on our skin gradually fade and disappear with time. Those who want to take care of their skin must understand how this process works for several reasons. It can help better take care of your skin as it goes through the regeneration process, and it can also help you improve the appearance of your skin.

How Does Skin Regeneration Work?

We should define more precisely what skin generation is and how it works. To be more precise and exact let’s define skin regeneration as the total replacement of damaged skin tissues with new ones. Essentially, we can say our skin is healed once skin has been regenerated.

Skin regeneration can happen by restoring or putting back those tissues that are broken or by rebuilding those tissues that have been destroyed or removed.

The Role of Epidermis in Skin Regeneration

We have talked about the role epidermis plays when it comes to skin repair in previous articles. Again, when it comes to skin regeneration it plays a crucial role. The epidermis which is the top layer of our skin is continually shedding itself. So, skin regeneration helps the epidermis to repair itself with newer cells. The epidermis restores itself by bringing fresh skin cells that were underneath to the surface.

In addition, this process gives our skin a healthy glow since those skin cells that produce keratin go through a biochemical change that helps our skin to form various layers.

The Procedure of Skin Regeneration and Aging

As with other health conditions aging also plays a role when it comes to the process of skin regeneration. When we are young the process of exfoliation happens naturally but as we age it slows down. This slowdown of the natural exfoliation process linked to aging can make our skin look more tiresome and duller.

How to Improve Skin Regeneration

So, as we have mentioned aging slows down our skin regeneration process. Due to this more dead skin cells can appear on the top layer of our skin. You can boost this regeneration process as you age in several ways.

Lifestyle choices plays an important part when it comes to boosting the skin regeneration process. These lifestyle changes include exercising regularly, having a healthy diet which is full of rich nutrients, being hydrated by drinking plenty of water and protecting against external factors such as sun and pollution. Try to consume more proteins such as nuts and seeds, beans, fish and poultry. In addition eat more antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, apples and ginger.

In addition, you can help the skin regenerating process by the skincare products you apply to your skin. When selecting skincare products select those that have ingredients good for skin such as vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B3.

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