How to prevent pilling skincare

Skin pilling is an unpleasant  problem for many of us, but you should not worry since there are some practical and simple ways to treat this problem. To discover how you can treat the problem of skin pilling we must discover what the problem is essentially.

Pilling materializes on the surface and top layer of the skin when things like dead skin cells, make up and skincare products are collected there. The collected material appearing on the top layer of the skin usually appears in the form of tiny balls and uneven texture. This collected material is harmful for your skin since it can demolish makeup and skincare and prevent them from doing their job.

Now that we have explained what pilling is let’s look at ways we can treat and prevent this unpleasant problem. As we mentioned earlier one of the main causes of pilling is the development of dead skin cells on your skin. These dead skin cells appear due to not having been removed properly from the surface of the skin.

These dead skin cells can prevent your skincare products doing their job such as moisturization and hydration of the skin. The best way to remove these dead skin cells is by exfoliating. Ideally you should exfoliate your skin between 2 to 3 times per week. Please make sure you do not over exfoliate your skin which can damage your skin and cause more pilling. We have written before about the harmful effects of overdoing skincare.

We have  also written numerous articles before about the importance of skincare routine and it is very  important again when it comes to pilling. The importance of applying skincare products properly and in the right order is very important when it comes to  preventing pilling. If you do not apply skincare products in the right order you could be wasting a lot of products such as oils and creams and prevent them from properly working. You see these dead skin cells prevent oils and cream from properly sinking into your skin and hydrating and moisturizing your skin.

The best way to apply skincare properly to avoid and prevent pilling is by applying them from lightest to heaviest. This means applying the products that are water based first followed by those that are oil based. Ideally you should apply products in the following order such as toners, oils, creams, and last SPF products such as sunscreen products.

We hope this article has abled you to know what pilling is and its root causes and several methods to prevent and treat it.

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