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As we start the new year, we should review our skincare routine and specifically pay attention the how we layer our skincare. The order in which we apply our skincare is an essential part of any good skincare routine. This is due to the fact that layering skincare correctly allows our skin to better absorb the skincare products. Layering skincare correctly enables our skin to absorb more effectively the active ingredients in the skincare products we use.

Start with the thinnest to thickest

A sample rule that we can apply when it comes to correctly layering skincare products is to go from thinnest to thickest. Applying those skincare products with the thinnest consistency first and then those with the thicker consistency allows the skincare products that are lighter to be absorbed into our skin first before the thicker ones are applied.  This process not only allows better and more effective absorption of the skincare products but also stops and prevents blockage or occlusion.

If thicker products are applied before thinner products the thicker products cause occlusion and blockage which means those thicker products are not allowing the tinner products to be absorbed into the skin. Let’s now set out a simple guideline that enables all products to be absorbed into the skin effectively.

Start with cleanser

Washing your face not only enables you to apply the skincare products into a clean surface which helps the products to be absorbed effectively but it also helps to get rid of dirt and oil which have been accumulated around the pores of the skin. It is best to use a cleanser that is that is alcohol-free, gentle and which does not grind your skin. By using this type of a cleanser, you do not remove too much oil from your skin and keep a healthy skin barrier.

The second step is to apply a toner

Toners help to further clean the face and remove the oil and dirt not cleaned by the cleanser. This will enable your face to be completely clean and ready to effectively absorb the skincare products you are going to apply to it. In addition, toners have the capability to hydrate the skin and improve the pH balance which will help to prevent skin conditions such as acne.

The third step is spot treatment for acnes and dark spots

If you have acne or dark spots and patches on your skin, they should be dealt with after toner has been applied. Usually, those products that treat dark spots and acnes are concentrated on small areas of the skin. In addition, these products have a variety of active ingredients depending on what is the problem you are trying to treat. When these products are applied to a skin surface that has been cleaned with cleanser and toner the active ingredients present in these products can penetrate the skin much better. This will enable you to get the maximum results from these products.

The fourth step is to apply serum

Since serums are a thin products, they should be applied after you have applied the acne and spot treatment products. In general serums are those skincare products that have a high concentration of active ingredients. Since serums are usually water based, they are light. Their effective penetration into the skin helps to keep the skin hydrated and fights antiaging. Many serums have Vitamin C which is good for the skin as an active ingredient which is beneficial when it comes to the health of the skin barrier specifically.

The fifth step is to apply moisturizer

Due to being of thicker consistency moisturizers should be followed after serums which are lighter and are water-based products. The essential job of moisturizers is to maintain the skin hydrated by increasing water in the skin. Marinating your skin hydrated enable your skin barrier to be heathy and do its function effectively.

The sixth step is to apply oils

Some people may decide to apply face oils in order to further hydrate their skin. Make sure to only apply face oils if you feel moisturizer was not enough since you do not want to overdo skincare. Since the consistency of face oils are thicker than moisturizers they should be applied after moisturizers into the skin. If they are applied before moisturizers due to their thicker nature, they can block to moisturizer from effectively penetrating into the skin.

The final step in to apply sunscreen

We have written numerous articles regarding sunscreens such as how often to apply sunscreen since it is a very important part of any good skincare routine. Sunscreens should be the final step in any skincare routine. Sunscreens can help to fight off the dangerous of UV rays from the sun that can harm the skin and cause cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.

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