How to Heal Damaged Skin on Face?

At times we may neglect taking care of our skin which we may have regrets about later when our skin has been damaged. This damage can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as acne scars, skin damaged due to the sun or irritation from unpleasant and harsh treatments. Once the damage has happened it is time to focus and search for the best treatment for repairing the damaged skin.

Skin Barrier and Damaged Skin

In our previous articles we have written extensively about what the skin barrier is and repairing the skin barrier. Essentially in most cases of the damaged skin it is the skin barrier that gets damaged and the attention and focus of the treatment is primary on the skin barrier. No matter what the cause of your skin damage has been, being clogged pores, sun damage, acne scars, wind, humidity or pollution once damage on the skin has occurred you must identify it and treat it.

Physical Indications of the Damaged Skin

There are certain signs to look for to see and identify if you have damaged skin. These signs vary based on the cause of the damaged skin. Signs you should look for are dry skin, red itchy skin, dark spots, sun spots, deep wrinkles, acne scars, damaged pores and excessive oily skin to mention some of the most common causes.

Ways to Repair Damaged Skin

Due to your our neglect or other causes which are not under your control you have suffered from damaged skin, and you can see the signs that indicate that yes you have damaged skin. It is time now to treat your damaged skin and below we will discuss some treatments.

Apply Skincare with Antioxidants

Treating damaged skin on the face using nutrients is very effective. The best ways to use and apply nutrients on your skin is by using skincare products with antioxidants. Using antioxidants products that have ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin E have shown to be very effective and beneficial when it comes to treating damaged skin on the face and other parts of the body.

Vitamin C has shown to be very good for the skin and has shown to be able to lighten and brighten the skin. in addition, vitamin C is great when it comes to treating dark spots and skin that is bumpy, not even and smooth. Vitamin E has also shown to be very effective when it comes to healing damaged skin in particular when it comes to skin damage which is caused by acne scars.

Replace Your Moisturizer with Facial Oil

When you have damaged skin, your regular moisturizer may not be efficient and strong enough to handle the job. It may be more beneficial to use botanical oils to help bring back and re-establish the moisturization of your skin. With this extra and more powerful moisturizing provided by facial oils your skin will be able to heal and develop better. Not only do oils provide extra moisturizing they also provide added nutrients which are needed in particular at times when the skin is damaged.

Stop Further Damage by Reducing Irritants

Whatever may have been the cause of your skin damage once damage has happened you must stop anything that can further enhance the damage. You must avoid things like direct exposure to the sun to protect your skin. In addition to applying sunscreen try wearing protective clothing when exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, avoid products that use fragrances and use laundry detergents that do not have fragrances.

Eat more Antioxidants and Nutrient-Rich Foods

Foods plays a crucial role when it comes to our health and when suffering from damaged skin it also plays a very important role. All the things you do externally to treat and heal your damaged skin will not be as effective if the food you consume internally is not beneficial.

It is best to eat organic nutrient rich foods and avoid foods with sugar and processed foods. In addition, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and eat plenty of leafy greens. Essentially try to follow a diet that has plenty of anti-inflammatory foods since they are essential when it comes to healing damaged skin.

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