How to get rid of sun damage on face

Sun damage can appear on any part of the skin including the face. Anyone can have sun damage on their skin. Although anyone can get them, they are more common on people with lighter skin and those who are over 40 years old.

Sun damage on the face appears as brown spots also referred to as liver spots . These brown spots appear when the pigmented skin cells increase due to exposure to UV radiation.

Usually, these brown spots are not dangerous. Most dermatologist can easily differentiate between these brown spots and other more serious things such as skin cancer.

Skincare products such as skin lightening creams are a great way to get rid of these brown spots caused by the sun. In addition, skincare products that have niacinamide or vitamin C are also great to help get rid of these brown spots since they get rid of pigmented cells caused by the sun damage.

Other forms of sun damage on the face due to exposure to the sun can appear in the forms of sunburns. Sunburns happen when damage has been caused to the DNA of your skin. Long term sun damage can cause many problems for the skin such as wrinkles and even more serious ones such as skin cancer. As we have mentioned numerous times in our previous articles regular use of sunscreen is essential and a great prevention tool. Make sure the sunscreen you are using has not expired and is also in good texture.

Sun damage can also appear in the form of  wrinkles. If you wonder how the sun can cause wrinkles is due to the UV rays in the sun breaking down elastin and collagen which are two protein that are essential in keeping your skin smooth.

When it comes to treating damaged skin such as wrinkles caused by sun damage the best treatment is to reverse the breakdown process. Since the wrinkles appear due to the breakdown of proteins such as collagen you need to increase the amount of collagen in your skin.

As with dark spots niacinamide or vitamin C are again great for treating wrinkles also. Using skincare products that have niacinamide or vitamin C in them is a great way to boost the production of the collagen in your skin and get rid of those wrinkles caused by sun damage. Niacinamide or vitamin C can be found in many skincare products such as creams and serums.

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