How to get rid of oily skin ?

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Many people who have oily skin often wonder why their skin is oily. Actually, oil is essential for the health of skin but when our skin produces too much of it is when problems occur. One of the main causes behind our skin producing too much oil has to do with our skin gland and them producing too much sebum. Sebum is a wax like substance that clogs our pores and seals in the moisture which causes our skin to produce too much oil. When this happens not only do our pores get clogged, but we can suffer from other skin problems such as acne.

Some of Major Causes of Oily Skin

There are numerous factors as why some people have oily skin. There are some which we can change and others such as genetics which we cannot change. Some reasons as why oily skin is produced have to do with certain conditions our bodies maybe going through due to hormonal changes that happen during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. If you want further reading about effects of hormonal changes on the skin please read our article about hormonal acne and how to treat it.

In other instances, certain medications maybe the cause behind oily skin and at times certain medical conditions can be the cause such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in women. There have also been certain studies conducted that have found a links between body weight, high consumption of dairy and sweets and oily skin.

What are the Symptoms of Oily Skin

Those individuals who suffer from oily skin usually have certain symptoms that indicate that their skin is oily. These symptoms include a shiny appearance, pores that are clearly visible and large on the skin, clogged and damaged pores  which can cause blackheads and presence of occasional to persistent pimples. Furthermore, it has been observed that for those who suffer from oily skin when wearing makeup their makeup can be mixed with sebum which makes it less uniform and gives it a different consistency.

Ways to Treat Oily Skin

We have mentioned in our previous blogs about the importance of how to build a skincare routine that meets the needs of your skin type. In addition, we have discussed about the importance of how to pick skincare products. Below we will discuss some particular methods that can be used when it comes to treating oily skin that can be included in your skincare routine if you suffer from oily skin.

Using a Gentle Cleanser

When you wash your face, you must use a cleanser that at the same time can remove the excessive oil from your face but will not strip off all the oil from your face which would be harmful. If the cleanser you are using leaves your skin too dry it can cause the skin to produce excessive oil to compensate for the oil lost.

It is important that you use a cleanser that is pH balanced which means it has the same acidity level as your skin. This will cause the oil to be removed while at the same type maintaining adequate hydration needed for the skin. Make sure you use cleansers that do not have harsh chemicals, soaps and are also alcohol free.

Using a Moisturizer

Some people who suffer from oily skin try to avoid using moisturizers since they believe applying a moisturizer will leave their skin greaser. It is important to use a right moisturizer that adds moisture to your skin without adding too much oil. This will leave your skin soft and hydrated. To help you find the right moisturizer use moisturizers that are humectant which means they reduce the loss of moisture. Also make sure the moisturizer you use is not greasy and includes ingredients such as vitamin B3.

Using Sunscreen

The use of regular sunscreen is another step that can be taken in order to treat effects caused by oily skin. We have mentioned in numerous previous blogs about the importance of regular application of sunscreen when outdoors and when exposed to the sun and here it again is very important.

Using a Toner

If you suffer from oily skin, it is advisable to use a toner after you have washed your face with a gentle cleanser. Toners are ideal for oily skin since they offer exfoliating which helps to remove dead skin cells. In addition, they also help to tighten the skin and they help draw moisture to the skin without adding additional oil.

Make Dietary Changes to Treat oily Skin

As with other health condition what we eat plays a critical role when it comes to treating oily skin. Try eating less high glycaemic foods such as white bread, corn flakes and fruit juices. At the same time increase your consumption of low glycaemic foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes and whole grain oats and cereals.

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