How to Fight Your Excess Water Retention

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You know how important water is for your body. It helps virtually every system function properly. It works to dissolve nutrients in the body, then eliminate the waste.

Your body is supposed to eliminate that excess water you no longer need, but for some women, that’s just not the case. Unfortunately, it can lead to bloating in the lower body. You may notice that puffy feeling in your thighs, your calves, or even your ankles. The bloating is typically temporary. The results, though, aren’t.
The capillaries in the area are incredibly fragile, and that could lead to broken veins. More than that, though, it could through off your body’s natural balance.

The CHOLLEY Solution

No one should have to live with that kind of frustration.
CHOLLEY has come up with a highly effective solution that helps to eliminate the swelling and congestion so many women must deal with on a daily basis.
BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique is a blend of highly concentrated phyto-extracts that work as a diuretic and strengthen the veins and capillaries in the problem areas. That action stabilizes their permeability, which can  stop the development of cellulite.

BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique also works to reinforce the body’s natural collagen, which cover the blood vessels. That action alone can help to reduce any contusions caused by the water retention as well as stop the development of varicose veins.

How Does it Work?

BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique works thanks to its intense diuretic action. With ingredients like Howthorn extract and Horsechestnut extract, the excess water is quickly eliminated from the skin. Then it works to reconstitute the walls of the blood vessels thanks to its high vitamin A, vitamin C, and Vitamin B5 content. More than that, though, it soothes and refreshes the skin to help individuals eliminate the discomfort that is so common with this condition. Enhanced with menthol and chamomilla recuitita, it’s the relief many patients are looking for today.

CHOLLEY understands how difficult it is for women to deal with the intense bloat, and BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique is the only dermatological solution to the issue.

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