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How to properly take care of your skin must include a skincare routine that works well for you. After you have selected the best products that are effective for your skin type and wok well for you then comes the task of applying them in the correct order.

Building an effective skincare routine depends on things such as your skin type, your age, the products you are using and what you like to achieve.  In almost all cases you must apply the thinnest products first followed by those that are thicker.

This means you must start with applying products such as toners & cleansers first since they are thinner. Once you have applied the thinner products to your skin then you can start with applying the thicker ones such as products that are concentrated with active ingredients and finish up with products such as moisturizers. There are some other basic and essential steps that you must follow such as washing your face before your apply products weather at night or day.

In general the goal of most skincare routines is to tune up your complexation and also at the same time identify other areas that need attention. As you get older your skincare routine must also shift with your age. This means also that the products you used when you were younger must also change with your routine since they may not be effective anymore as you get older.

It is widely believed that great skin has to do more with just genetics and your routine and the products you use have a huge impact on your skin. In addition your skin type plays a significant role in your routine.

There are differences between dry and oily skins. For example if you have dry skin it may feel tighter in particular after it is cleaned. In additions dry skins are more impacted by flaking, wrinkles and redness. So if you have dry skin your routine and products should address these issues.

In contrast to dry skin, oily skin is more shinny and tends to have larger pores. Oily skins are also more prone to pimples and blackheads which can cause acne. Therefor if you have oily skin your routine and products you use must address issues more associated with oily skins.

We will now review some of the skincare products from CHOLLEY that you can use in your daily routine.

CHOLLEY Professional Makeup Remover

CHOLLEY Professional Makeup Remover

As mentioned earlier you daily skincare routine must start with thinner products such as toners and cleansers.  CHOLLEY Professional Makeup Remover is an excellent product to use as a cleanser to remove make up. It is composed of smooth oils that remove even the most resistant makeups and can be used for all skin types. It does not leave oily residue  and does not contain fragrances.


Moving on to thicker products that can be used can include the CHOLLEY AHA Cream. This cream contains alpha hydroxyl acid also known as fruit acid which has been used in cosmetic for centuries. It improves the softness of your skin and hydrates it and can be used for all skin types. It should be used after you have completely cleaned your skin.

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