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As you go about doing your daily skincare routine or looking online to buy skincare products do you ever wonder how to apply them? Do you question the order you should apply the skincare products you use?

You should ask these questions since the order you apply skincare matters and impacts the results. You essentially want to get the full benefits of each skincare product you use and the correct order they are applied ensures you will get the best results!

Actually, to be more precise the order of how skincare is applied is very important. As you apply your favourite skincare product you are trying to get that product to penetrate your skin in order to get its full benefits. But did you know actually at times your skin is trying to prevent some of these products penetrating your skin?

Due to the layers and barriers of our skin which are there to protect it only a small amount of the products you apply actually will get in. So, this is why applying skincare product in the correct order is so important. The correct order will able your skin to absorb the products and you will see the best results by following the correct order.

An easy way to go about setting the correct order to apply skincare is applying the thinnest products first followed by the thicker ones. So essentially you want to apply the products that are more liquid before you apply the more solid ones like creams.

Starting your skincare routine with skin cleansers is very important. Cleanser should be applied both in the morning and at night. You need a clean skin to have products and ingredients work properly and this means having a clean skin is essential.

After having cleaned your skin with cleansers it’s time to add toners. Toners are great since they help to hydrate your skin and also help to prevent acne. After you have applied toners, it is time to apply serums. Serums add nutrients to your skin and are also antioxidants.

If you apply eye creams they are best applied after serums. Since eye creams are thinner than moisturizers they should be applied before moisturizers. After serums you can apply products for spot treatments. Spot treatments are used to treat a number of problems such as acne and dark spots.

After spot treatments it is time to apply moisturizers which are essential for any skincare routine. Moisturizers help to hydrate your skin and that is why they are so important.

Oils are next since they help to trap all the ingredients and products you have already applied. Since not many products can penetrate oils, they should be one if the last steps in your skincare routine.  For those who apply sunscreen this should be the very final step of any skincare routine. Sunscreen is not actually trying to penetrate your skin but rather protect it from harmful outside elements.

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