How to apply face mask correctly

It has been shown that using facials kin care masks can help to refine and improve your skin. The refinement brough on by using skin masks can come in several ways. These improvements can range from soaking up unnecessary oils on your skin, reducing inflammation to unlocking clogged pores.

Face masks come in different types and the correct application is based on their type although some similar application rules are general for all face masks. We will now look closer into four different types of face masks and their benefits and correct way of applying them.

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The effectiveness of CHOLLEY Lifting Collagen Mask is due to its composition of pure collagen combined with CHOLLEY Lifting Solution which help to restore the natural texture and softness of the skin.

Sheet masks must be applied to your face by removing it from the packaging and making sure you do not tear it or damage it. Then you must align the face mask with the shape of your face, mouth , nose, and eyes correctly.

After having lined it up with the shape of your face you must press it to the form of your face until it is sticking smoothly and evenly. Once done to remove the sheet mask gently remove it from your face and do not pull to hard as you remove the mask.


Sheet masks are a fast and simple option when it comes to using a face mask. Sheet masks usually come in the form of serum-soaked fabrics which must be applied against your face evenly.

Lifting Collagen Masks are another form of sheet mask which are easy to use peel off mask that do not need any cleaning. For those who want a perfect mask for anti-aging treatment the lifting collagen masks are ideal.

CHOLLEY produces an excellent lifting collagen mask that provides excellent results. It has shown to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin hydrated longer which makes the skin much firmer.


If you feel your skin needs some extra care and pampering and have little time to apply face masks during the day, consider an overnight face mask. An overnight face mask should be the last step of your nightly skincare routine before going to bed.

They work very similarly to moisturizers and are quite easy to use. They penetrate your skin quicky and offer  crucial protection to cradle the skin by improving the  firmness and elasticity of the skin. They must be applied smoothly over your face in thin layers by using your fingers and as with other masks make sure you do not get any into your eyes and lips.

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