How much skincare product to use?

For all of us who are passionate about the appearance of their skin and take care of their skin continuously certain things should be already clear. One of these things is the correct skincare routine which you must use when applying skincare products being from the thinnest to the thickest.

But another important item that must not be ignored is the amount of skincare product you apply. We all have had instances where we have applied excessive amount of skincare and ended up with unpleasant and messy situation.

Actually, the amount of skincare products you apply vary based on each product! The texture of a product is another important part when it comes to how much of it must be applied. Products like creams cover less areas in comparison to products such as oils which can be applied and spread over a much larger area.

Another item that you must look into when it comes to using skincare is not to go over the top and apply too much. Each skincare product has a different formula and concentration of certain ingredients in them, applying too much may actually be harmful to your skin. Using too much of certain products may cause irritating.  You may have though using a certain product on a daily basis is effective but actually it may have the opposite effect and do more damage!


When you are removing make up you may think using a lot of cleanser will clean better. But actually, using too much cleansers when removing make up can dry out your skin as too many natural oils that help to protect your skin are removed.


Sun protection is another essential part of skincare. Putting a sufficient and enough SPF is important to help protect your skin from harmful rays of sun. So, when it comes to sun protection you want to use an ample and enough amount.

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When it comes to serums using too much may cause irritation. Serums usually have a powerful formula and you do not need to apply too much when it comes to treatments for anti-aging or skin repairing.


Another part of a good skincare routine is the correct use of moisturisers to keep your skin well hydrated. Using too much moisturiser can actually clog the pores of your skin and give a greasy feeling.

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