How Much Skincare do I need?

As you search for skincare products to keep your skin healthy in your local pharmacy or online surely you will notice each time there are more and more products to choose from. When we are faced with so many choices of skincare products what is the best solution to find the essential products for you keep your skin healthy.

Experimentation with skincare products is not really the best choice since using the wrong one can damage your skin. So, you are left with the complicated task of selecting essential products and decide what works  and does not work and trying to not get caught up in hype associated with some products and  brands. After reviewing what skincare professionals say we can see that you need less products than you may currently be using.

One of the products we see that is essential when it comes to selecting essential skincare products are cleansers. Cleansers must do things like removing dirt, sunscreen, oil and pollution that accumulate on our skin. Cleansers can come in the form of cream or foaming and must not strip your skin as they clean your skin. Skincare professionals suggest a good cleanser is actually your first line of defence when it comes to maintaining your skin healthy.

After cleansers come moisturizers which can come in a variety for forms such as cream, lotion and ointments. The essential job of moisturizers is to keep moisture in your skin to provide it protection from harmful elements.

In the past selecting moisturizers was much easier but now days we are faced with more complexity when it comes to choosing moisturizers since now there are also oils available. What we have found is that skincare professionals suggest that moisturizers that have ointment, cream and lotions keep the existing moisture in your skin. They are best used usually after showers or baths. These types of moisturizers also are more effective and will irritate your skin less. It is also advised to use moisturizers that contain oil but not those that only contain oil since those with only oil are not as effective ! Please also read the following article to learn more about using oils in skincare routine.


As we have continually repeated in our previous blogs sunscreens are one of the most important products when it comes to preventing premature aging and other skin issues.

When it comes to selecting sunscreens there are usually two types which are the chemical and physical types.

Chemical sunscreens work like a sponge which works by sucking up the sun and are easier to get absorbed into your skin and leave very little residue. On the other hand, physical sunscreens work similar like a shield staying on the top of your skin and deflecting the sun.

Other products to have which are not as essential than the 3 we have mentioned (cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen) include eye creams, toners and serums.

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