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We have written in the past numerous articles about the skin barrier since it plays an essential role when it comes to maintaining our skin heathy. In addition, the more we know and learn about this important part of our skin the better we can maintain it healthy and treat it if it gets damaged.

Our skin is composed of 3 different parts which are the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous glands. Each of these 3 layers of our skin play key roles when it comes to protecting our skin and resemble a defensive shield that safeguards our skin against the external elements such as pollution, UV rays from the sun and allergens. Even though things like our skin type and genetics are factors when it comes to our skin barrier maintaining it healthy is fundamental when it comes to protecting our skin and the overall health of our skin.

Defining the skin barrier

We already have talked about  protecting and treating the skin barrier in previous articles, and here we  will try to show what the skin barrier does exactly.  The skin barrier is the outermost protective layer of our skin which works like a defensive shield for the skin.

If the skin barrier did not exist our skin would be much easier damaged by harmful external elements such as pollution and the sun. In addition, the skin barrier is composed of and is filled with lipids and complex cells that appear naturally in our bodies which maintains the skin healthy and at the same time strengthen the skin barrier.

When the skin barrier condition falls below standard levels and becomes compromised vigorous substances that are present in our body cannot be produced and operate in a well-planned matter. To be more specific and use some examples substances such as ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids cannot be produced and function efficiently causing our skin to become vulnerable.

In addition to the harmful external elements such as the pollution, the sun and free radicals our skin barrier can also be damaged by the natural ageing process. The ageing process effects our skin barrier by causing ceramide levels to decease over time. Ceramides are necessary for our skin to be heathy since they are responsible for holding together our cells complete and as a whole. Once they decrease our skin is more vulnerable to penetration from harmful agents.

Healing the skin barrier

Our skin barrier has the capability to heal and thankfully the skin barrier is not something that cannot be permanently damaged in the majority of the cases. Although our skin barrier is able to heal, we need to have patience while it is going through the healing process since skincare takes time to work. The time it takes the skin barrier to heal usually is about 2 weeks but if the damage is severe, it can take more time for it to heal. In addition, our skin barrier is more prone to damage when you add in factors such as genetics, age and stress.

It is also very important to use gentle products to apply on our skin as it is healing and stay away from harsh products. Make sure to not use products that have fragrances and stay away from harsh scrubs, since they can irritate the skin more. If we use fragrances and harsh products the recovery period for the skin barrier will become longer so, make sure to not use them as your skin is going through the healing process.

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