How long does it take skin lightening cream to work?

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The reasons people may want to lighten their skin are numerous. It can be due to things such as acne scars that have damaged your skin. Another reason can be liver spots which are flat dark areas that appear on the skin. They usually appear on the skin that has been exposed to the sun. These liver spots usually appear on the face, hand, shoulder and arms. Further reasons people may want to lighten their skin can be due to sun having damaged their skin or just wanting lighter skin.

Skin colour is linked to melanin which is a substance that produces skin, hair and eye pigmentation and is what gives our skin colour . In addition, it provides the skin protection from many harmful elements such as the UV rays from the sun and pollution. Melanin also helps to protect the skin that has been damaged or scarred which is why the areas of the skin that are scarred appear darker.

Skin lightening creams are often used when your melanin has been damaged due to acne, scars and sun damage. In addition, many people diligently search for the best skin lightening cream to simply lighten their complexion.

The way most skin lightening creams work is by being able to penetrate the skin due to their composition and demolish the melanin that has darkened the skin. Many skin lightening creams can penetrate deep into the skin and destroy the melanin due to their composition which includes ingredients such as hydroquinone.

The types of skin lightening creams and their effectiveness and speed

But as with any other skincare products not all skin lightening creams are the same and how effective and how fast they work is based on their composition and application.

If you want skin lightening creams that are effective and work fast you need to select those that have high concentration of ingredients. Due to popularity of natural products many seek to use organic products but unfortunately these do not work fast. Skin lightening creams that have synthetic chemicals are usually much more effective and provide faster results.

These types of skin lightening creams can provide results as soon as a week. Their effectiveness and fast results are due to them going after melanin directly rather than attacking those cells that produce melanin!

Those skin lightening creams that do not attack melanin directly and go after the cells that produce it take longer to work. These skin lightening creams can take almost a month before they show results since they do not attack and destroy melanin but rather attack those cells that produce melanin.

Furthermore, you need to avoid those skin lightening creams that simply do not work. In most cases they are simply moisturizers rebranded and repackaged as skin lightening creams. These creams can be used for years and not produce any results due to their composition.

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