How Important is Skin in Beauty ?

Beautiful faces attract and have people drawn to them. Beautiful faces also aspire others and make them hope and wish that they also could have a beautiful face. A beautiful face is composed of several parts such as large evenly positioned eyes, nice-looking teeth, a correctly proportioned nose and a perfect complexion. Therefor our skin and complexion play a very important part in our beauty and how people judge beauty in general.

Skin as a of Mark of Beauty

Even those who have all the other essential parts of a beauty such as a beautiful nose, eyes and teeth cannot claim to have a beautiful face without having a beautiful skin. Therefor a beautiful facial structure cannot come into being without a flawless complexion and skin.

Since a beautiful skin plays an essential role when it comes to a beautiful face even those who suffer from natural skin conditions can become self-conscious about their overall appearance. Some of these natural skin conditions are Melasma which is a skin condition that can occur during pregnancy and cause facial pigmentation and Dermatosis Papulose Nigra which is a condition that causes brown marks to appear on the upper cheeks and temples.

Furthermore, acne and acne scars which are very common in particular during the teenage years can have a profound effects on the self-consciousness of those in their teens and even cause depression for those who suffer from it.

The Beauty Industry Focus is on Improving Self-Consciousness

There are several signs of ageing that are very visible such as the greying of the hair and skin that shows signs of ageing. The signs of ageing associated with skin are usually most visible in the areas that are most exposed such as the face, neck and our hands. These may include skin that is thinning and is losing its elasticity, bounciness and vitality. In additions signs of ageing may include wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and even scars.

Due to it having such a great impact on our self-consciousness skincare is important and the skincare industry has grown rapidly and it is huge part of the overall cosmetic market. Products such as moisturizers, repair creams and fillers are applied in order to treat problems associated with dry skin. Sunscreen is used to protect the skin from dangers of overexposure to the sun and sun damage.

In general, due to the overall improvements when it comes to the overall quality of life such as people living longer and working longer years the importance of beauty and in particular the beauty of the skin has become more important for even older adults.

In a utopian world perhaps the importance of beauty would be insignificant but in the actual world it plays a critical role and is a hugely important resource. Therefor we need to do all we can to protect this hugely valuable asset being our skin from skin problems such as sunburns, acne, skin damage and other skin conditions.

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