How do you repair damaged skin?

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As you get older your skin will also be affected and will change. These changes may appear as wrinkles, dropping, saggy skin and age spots which are some of the changes most often associated with damaged skin.

Naturally your skin is the part of your body usually most affected by aging when it comes to skin damage. There is a very sensible and logical reason for this and that is due to your face being exposed more to the environmental factors which can damage skin.

These environmental factors exhaust and weaken your skin barrier. To simplify things further your skin barrier which is the outermost layer of your skin can either be healthy or unhealthy. When your skin barrier is healthy it is soft and hydrated but when it is unhealthy it is dry and red.

When you suffer from unhealthy skin conditions how you treat it and what you do is key to restoring it back to health. When you have an unhealthy skin you need to repair and nourish it and make it healthy again.

The most important part in this nourishment process of your skin is using antioxidants to treat your skin. You also must make sure that as you treat your skin with antioxidants you also keep it hydrated. To allow your skin barrier to recover and become healthy again moisture and hydration are also essential.

So you must keep in mind as you search for the best treatments to restore your skin back to health for products and treatments that offer antioxidant and hydrating action. In addition as you search for the best treatments and products to repair your damaged skin make sure you avoid harsh chemical and avoid products that are aggressive.

Further as you re repair your skin make sure you reduce sun exposure and always use sunscreen. You should also avoid smoking, sugar and excessive alcohol which are all factors that can damage your skin. Also, Cholley offers some of the  best sensitive creams for skin repair.

CHOLLEY Skin Repair Cream for Damages Skin

CHOLLEY offers a number of effective products for skin repair and damaged skin. These products have antioxidants and hydrating ingredients which are essential in skin repair.

You can choose the CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH Anti-Aging Repair Cream which comes with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. It rebuilds your skins strength and decreases inflammation and redness. It is very effective for damaged skin that needs nourishment to restore it back to health.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex Cream
CHOLLEY Skin Repair Mask

Another excellent product from CHOLLEY is the CHOLLEY Post Stress Skin Repair Mask. It also will nourish your skin with antioxidant, hydrating ingredients, reduces redness and inflammation. It can be used as both a day and night cream and also used for professional treatment of tired and damages skin.

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CHOLLEY Phyto Exfoliant Suractivee
CHOLLEY Creme Tenseur Suractivee

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