How do you handle damaged skin?

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Our skin can be damaged in various ways due it being our largest organ and being exposed continuously. There are several ways our skin can be damaged, and we need to watch for those signs that may indicate our skin has been damaged. Some of the signs you must watch out for when it comes to skin damage are things like age spots, dropping and saggy skin and wrinkles in particular wrinkles that are deep.

One of the areas that suffers from skin damage most is the skin on our face due to it being exposed and uncovered continuously. Unlike the skin on other parts of the body which are covered the skin on our face not only suffers from the impacts of ageing, but it also suffers from the impacts of the environment more due to it being exposed so much.

Besides the environment and ageing other factors that impact our skin and can cause skin damage are hormonal balance and how you take care of your skin.

The knowledge of skin care

The knowledge about skin care and how to properly take care of our skin has advanced and will continue to advance. But with all the advancements in the skin care industry such as the ways the skin regenerates and its compositions the fountain of youth still has not been discovered.  So, skin damage still happens even with all the scientific advances, and we must focus on things we can do to treat skin damage.

Prevention is the best option

As with other health conditions prevention is the best option. As we age our skin loses some of its capabilities in particular when it comes to being able to regenerate skin. The loss of our skin’s ability to regenerate skin as we age is one of the reasons, we suffer more skin damage as we get older. Therefor the logical way forward is to avoid those things that can damage our skin.

Some of the ways to prevent skin damage have to do with lifestyle and diet. As we have mentioned in previous blogs articles sun damage is one of the biggest reasons of skin damage, therefor extreme exposure to the sun must be avoided.

Diet also plays an important role when it comes to the health of our skin. In order to prevent skin damage consumption of sugar, salt and alcohol most be controlled and limited since they are all known to cause skin damage.

Furthermore, in order to prevent skin damage smoking and second-hand smoke must be avoided. Your skincare routine must also be reanalysed when it comes to controlling skin damage. Exfoliating too much and too much waxing have been known to cause skin damage so they must be controlled in order to prevent skin damage. Also, excessive make up and sleeping with make-up have both been associated with skin damage as well so they also must be avoided.

Improve the health of your skin with a plan

Developing a solid plan to achieve your goals is key in success and it is the same when it comes to fixing and preventing damaged skin. When it comes to protecting your skin, certain essential step must be followed.

Make sure that you protect your skin from dangerous UV rays from the sun by applying sunscreen and wear protective clothing when exposed to the sun. Also, make sure that you consume plenty of water and apply moisturizers for damaged skin since they both help. Further steps that can be taken to helps fix damaged skin and prevent further damage include getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and getting exercise.

Visit a dermatologist

It is also recommended to visit a dermatologist to help you fix your damaged skin. There are numerous advantages when it comes to visiting a professional. By visiting a professional dermatologist, you can achieve the results you want in less time and more effectively.

A professional dermatologist can assess your skin and recommend treatment options based on your skin condition, your skin type and other factors such as your health history.

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