How can I restore my damaged skin?

Aging is something everyone must deal with and one of the areas where the signs of aging are most visible are on the skin. Signs of aging may appear in a variety of forms such as sagging skin, wrinkles or age spots.

Aging by itself has negative effects on the skin but when you combine that with effects of the environment such as pollution and sun the results can appear as damaged skin. That is why areas of the skin which are usually covered and not exposed to harmful environmental factors like the butt cheeks are smoother than the skin on your face.

This is due to the exposure of the skin on the face to harmful environmental factors which is not the case with butt cheeks. By the way we have a great article about how to heal damaged skin on the face that you should read. In addition to the environmental factors other factors that affect our skin are a good diet, balance of hormones and a proper skincare routine.

The advancement of skin care

In recent years there have been great progress in the science of skin care. Scientists have at their access plenty of data regarding how the skin functions and what it requires to regenerate. This progress in skin care science has discovered what is required for the prevention and repair of skin damage which are available in many skincare products today. Professional damage skin repair cream can provide the care and attention your skin needs when it comes to skin damage faster and more effectively.

Steer clear of things that can damage your skin

As we have mentioned in previous articles our skin’s ability to regenerate skin and repair itself as we age are reduced. Therefor we must remove and reduce what can damage our skin. Some of these things we must eliminate are environmental factors such as excessive exposure to the sun or swimming in chlorinated water.

Others are dietary things such as stop smoking if we smoke, avid eating too much salt and sugar and reducing alcohol consumption. While others maybe categorized as lifestyle changes such as stop wearing too much make up, stop picking your skin or not exfoliating too much.

Build a plan to preserve your skin

In addition to avoiding things that can be harmful to our skin we need to develop and build a plan to protect our skin. Developing a plan to protect your skin from inside out has shown to be an effective strategy to safeguard your skin.

This plan should include using sunscreen in skin care routine to protect form sun damage , drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. Other factors are following a healthy and balanced diet, exercising and apply skincare product to mention some of the most important ones.

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