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To thrive in an environment as competitive as skin care, you need to offer clients what they truly want – and what they cannot easily find elsewhere. What is this? In a word: natural. Research indicates that more than half of women prefer all-natural skin care products that are free of harmful ingredients. What could be more natural, or beneficial, than plants? This is where stem cell innovation comes in.

In recent years, the skin care industry has been revolutionized by stem cell technology. Products, such as CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream with Anti-Aging and Antioxidant Effects, incorporate stem cells extracted from plants. These cells help stimulate the skin’s own stem cells and protect them from damage.

The Science Behind Stem Cells

Stem cells hold untold potential in terms of medicine and skin care. In the human body, they are often called  “mother cells.” That is, they have the potential to become any type of cell. This gives them enormous regenerative power. Between 2% and 7 % of the body’s stem cells are located in the deepest layer of the epidermis. As skin ages, so too do these cells – and we can see it happening as lines form and skin loses elasticity.

But, as researchers discovered, human stem cells share many similarities with the stem cells of specific rare plants. The botanical stem cells have the ability to regenerate an entire plant. When extracted and introduced into select skin care products, they can increase the lifespan of skin stem cells, reduce signs of aging, and help the skin boost its regenerative powers.

By combining leading-edge Swiss bio-engineering techniques with the restorative and protective properties of plants, CHOLLEY is able to develop the products that your clients demand. Effective, safe and natural. By mimicking the vast potential of human stem cells, phyto stem cells can help skin look and feel its best.

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