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It’s one of the most glorious, simple pleasures in the world: feeling the sun shine down on your skin. It warms you, and it can put a smile on your face instantly. But as wonderful as this feeling is, excessive sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin. From premature aging to serious medical conditions, sun damage is a threat to both your appearance and your health. What do you need to know before you step out into the sunshine?

The Sun and Your Skin

Your skin does need a bit of unfiltered sun: it is an important source of vitamin D. If you have fair skin and live in northern areas,  about 10-15 minutes of exposure on your hands, arms, and face is all that is required. The closer you get to the equator, the less time you need to spend to get your daily dose of vitamin D. If you have darker skin, you may require a bit more exposure to get sufficient vitamin D.

Now, most of us “overindulge” in sunlight. In the short term, this can result in painful sunburns, reddening, rashes, and the development of freckles. Over the long term, sun exposure can accelerate aging, dry the skin, cause changes in pigmentation, and create changes in the skin cells that can lead to cancer.

To ward off premature aging and serious health conditions, it is vital that you protect your skin. CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense SPF50, for example, is an SPF 50 emulsion designed to safeguard your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. You will be able to avoid redness and irritation, while, at the same time, moisturizing and conditioning your skin. While some sun protection products leave behind a greasy, heavy feel, CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense SPF50 feels light and fresh.

Feeling the sun on your skin is pleasant; just make sure you protect yourself with CHOLLEY before you head outside.

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