Fighting Sun Damaged Body Skin After a Holiday

No matter what business you’re in, when your clients return from holiday, they probably look vibrant and happy. Unfortunately, though, they may also be facing the effects of sun damaged skin. The UV light from the sun can lead to several problems. Initially, it might just be dry skin, but over time, your clients can suffer from patches of discolouration, wrinkles, and a number of other problem spots that simply won’t disappear. Exfoliation after a holiday is one good way to treat the initial effects of sun damage, and BIOLASTON Peeling Naturel pour le Corps was designed to exfoliate the entire body.

Why Removing Dead Skin Cells Matters

Over time, dead skin cells pile up on the top layer of skin, and the result is typically a blotchy complexion. It can also create a rough, dry feeling that is frustrating. What’s more, though, is that the build-up may mean clogged pores or excess oil production. Proper exfoliation can help remove that barrier and expose the new skin cells. It can also help when your clients want more moisture, as it makes mositurisation more effective.

A Better Exfoliator

Exfoliation through a body brush alone, though, often isn’t enough. Instead, a product like BIOLASTON Peeling Naturel pour le Corps is a better solution. We’ve included bentonite, salicylic acid, and propylene glycol to help coax the skin to dissolve the dead skin cells and move the renewal process to the next stage. More than that, though, we’ve added apricot kernel to enhance the scrubbing action. We’ve also added vitamins E, B3, A, and C to help jumpstart the cellular regeneration process, a must for clients who are looking for firmer, toner skin after dealing with the sun damage of a holiday.

BIOLASTON Peeling Naturel pour le Corps can be used at home or in a professional setting. It works well for both men and women, and it’s easy to apply, especially right after a holiday when the skin has that dry, sun damaged feeling and appearance. It can even be repeated a few times per week to help enhance the results.

Your clients may not love the sun damaged feeling they get after a great holiday, but they will love feeling refreshed after using BIOLASTON Peeling Naturel pour le Corps.

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