Fighting Heavy Legs with BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk

It happens to women across the world. Their legs feel heavy, bloated, and difficult to move. It seems like they’re stiff, maybe even a little sluggish. The cause is a fairly simple one to diagnose – water retention – but understanding the problem and finding the right treatment are two very different things.

What Causes Water Retention?

Sometimes referred to by medical professionals as Oedema, water retention happens when fluid isn’t removed from the tissues of the body, in this case, the lower legs. The symptoms are all fairly common from individual to individual – stiff, aching legs, difficulty moving joints, and even weight fluctuations. The legs may also hold an indent for a few moments if you press on the skin. The causes vary, but for many women, it’s chronic venous insufficiency, or weakened valves in the veins of the legs, and it can be tough to treat.

BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk Is the Solution

For those women who struggle to get rid of excess fluids, BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk is the ideal choice. Made with concentrated phyto-extracts, it has a diuretic action that can help to strengthen the veins and capillaries that caused the issue in the first place. It stabilizes their permeability, which means reduced water retention. It has also been shown to reinforce the collagen that surrounds blood vessels. That can reduce the development of problem varicose veins. For women who use it, it may even help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, which can improve self-image.

BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique

Why It Works ?

BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk works so well thanks to the unique blend of ingredients. Howthorn extract and Horsechestnut extract both offer an intense diuretic action which help to relieve the pressure buildup that can make legs so sore. Vitamins E, A, C, and B5 all work to reinforce the walls of blood vessels. Menthol and Chamomilla Recutita refresh the skin and relieve discomfort.

BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk can be applied with a light massage, starting from the ankles and moving up toward the thighs. While prolonged use may lead to skin dryness, adding BIOLASTON Emulsion pour le Corps or BIOLASTON Phyto Huile may be able to help prevent that side effect. (discover BIOLASTON Products)

Women shouldn’t have to deal with heavy legs. BIOVENAC Detox & Refreshing Milk can help.

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